Are You Raising Kids Who Are Easily Swayed?

Are You Raising Kids Who Are Easily Swayed? - Parenting Like HannahWant to hear something really scary? Observers have noticed something about most public justice systems around the world. The average police force operates on a 15-70-15 rule. Fifteen percent of the force is considered incorruptible. They have high moral standards. It doesn’t matter what bribes or threats others may make, these people in the moral fifteen percent will stay true to their moral standards.

The other fifteen percent is equally true to their standards. Unfortunately, their standards are the lowest – they are actively seeking bribes and other dishonest ways to increase their power and income. It doesn’t matter what rules or punishments the force has in place, this fifteen percent will remain corrupt.

And what about the remaining seventy percent? This is what I find the most upsetting. The other seventy percent is easily swayed. If they are placed with the ethical fifteen percent, they will generally react in ethical ways. If they are placed with the unethical fifteen percent, they too will begin looking for bribes and acting in unethical ways.

The trick for the police forces around the world is to make sure the ethical fifteen percent are placed in positions where the easily swayed seventy percent remain ethical. When a force forgets that or the unethical 15% begins to have more influence, the entire force can quickly turn from an ethical one to an unethical one. (and visa versa)

What is true of police forces around the world is true for society in general. Fifteen percent (approximately) of Christians are operating from what could be considered a biblical world view. They make their decisions based on God’s decrees and godly principles. They still sin, but in general would be considered someone who could be trusted to generally make the ethical or godly choice.

The scary part is that many of us are raising our children to be in the seventy percent. They will be easily swayed by those around them. If they happen to chose godly friends, you may get lucky and they will exhibit primarily moral behavior. Should they happen to fall in with the immoral fifteen percent, these easily swayed children will follow those leaders into behaviors which can have a negative impact on their lives for years to come.

What is even scarier still is that most of us are just fine with our children being in the easily swayed seventy percent. After all, at least they aren’t in the immoral fifteen percent. Who has time to do the proactive Christian parenting needed to raise a child who will be in the consistently moral fifteen percent? We will just try to make sure our children attend Christian schools and church so surely their friends will be in the moral fifteen percent and our kids will be fine. Or will they?

I have always wondered about the lukewarm Christians God says will be spewed out on the Day of Judgment. Or the people who claim they served him, but Jesus says he never knew them. We won’t know for sure until that day arrives. I am not willing though, to get as close to that line as I can without crossing into the danger zone.

I hope you will join me in putting forth the effort and the energy necessary to be proactive Christian parents. I want to do as much as I possibly can to help train my daughter to be in that fifteen percent that is firmly on God’s side. I don’t want to have to worry about her being swayed by friends, professors or false teachers. It takes a lot more work than most people are willing to admit. The results, however, can be eternal for your children.

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Note: The 15*70*15 rule is from the book Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power by Andy Crouch. The book is mainly about using power in godly and ungodly ways, but I found this nugget about ethics fascinating and frightening at the same time. (Please note: This is an affiliate link, but does not add to your cost to click or even purchase the book. Any purchases will result though in a very small contribution from the seller to this blog. I provide the link mainly for your convenience, but also appreciate your support.)

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