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Resource for Parents of Troubled Kids - Parenting Like HannahAfter decades of working with all sorts of children and teens, I have seen a few who are what I would consider truly troubled. Even though I have some limited training in how to minister to their parents, I am not a counselor nor have I raised a child who was troubled. I am always searching for resources though, that may help parents through a valley that must seem impossibly deep and wide.

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to review You Are Not Alone: Hope for Hurting Parents of Troubled Kids by Dena Yohe. Yohe has written a guidebook of sorts for parents who are traveling down the road she has followed. Her daughter struggled with cutting, substance abuse, depression and more. Yohe doesn’t appear to attempt to sugar coat what her family experienced as they tried to help their daughter find a healthier path for herself.

Even though I haven’t personally traveled this road, much of the advice she gives is fairly standard for those in families trying to deal with the addictions of loved ones. I think the advantage in this book is that it’s from a Christian perspective and both she and her daughter share their personal feelings, thoughts and struggles as they worked through everything.

The book covers everything from dealing with emotions like shock, fear and worry to forgiveness, letting go and even finding a new healthier place for your own life – regardless of the choices your child makes. Each chapter discusses one basic topic giving both tips and sharing real life experiences and insights. I loved that the daughter from time to time writes what she was thinking and feeling as her parents did or said certain things. I wish there had been more of her sections, because I found some of them particularly insightful.

Although written from a Christian perspective, this is not a Bible study nor does it have an abundance of scripture references. There are some, but it is secular type advice shared through someone who has more of a “God lens” for looking at life.

I don’t really feel qualified to nit pick at her tips and advice. I just don’t have enough experience and training in that area to feel it would be a fair assessment. It all seemed practical, helpful and organized. She also included a list of other resources she has found helpful.

If your child is troubled or you are ministering to someone whose child is struggling, I think this book will give you a lot of helpful information from a godly perspective. I can’t imagine how difficult that road must be, so I am thankful anyone who finds themselves in that valley has someone who has been there before to help guide their way.




this book was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review. An affiliate link is included for your convenience.

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