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Christian Parents As Coaches - Parenting Like HannahIf you are like me, you watched quite a bit of Olympics coverage recently. There is something fascinating about watching people do their best. I especially enjoy watching the coaches and parents. They put as much effort in their own ways into helping the athletes succeed. This summer while watching the games, I wondered what the church would look like if Christian parents thought of themselves as coaching their kids to the most important goal and reward possible – getting to Heaven.

Perhaps if parents learned what made coaches and athletes successful and put the same effort into helping their children develop strong Christian roots, we wouldn’t lose so many young people. Maybe our kids would grow to become mighty men and women of God.

I was interested when offered a chance to review a book written for parents who want to raise successful athletes. Win! by Emily Pavot interviews coaches, athletes and parents to find out what goes into the making of a successful athlete.

Much of what is shared would be what one would expect if top coaches gave advice. Parental involvement and support is key. Not micromanaging your child’s life, but helping them find the talents they have and the passion for a sport that is personal, not the parents. (As Christian parents, think helping your children find the gifts and passions God gave them to serve Him.) Learn all you can and don’t get lazy are also quite applicable to Christian parenting and to our kids learning how to be the men and women God created them to be.

This book is not a “pretty” book. The layout and beginning of the book are rough around the edges. I imagine a stronger editor and graphic artist could easily correct those issues. I do think the author provided good information in an easy to skim format for parents who want to pick up some important advice. I do wonder though how she chose whom to interview. Sometimes only first names are given and most if not all of the people compete and/or coach the non-marquis sports. I’m not sure if those were the only coaches who would give her access or whether their “win at any cost” attitude of many of those coaches doesn’t represent the attitudes she wanted to convey.

If your child is athletic, this book could provide some helpful advice. I encourage Christian parents to read this or other books on coaching. After all you are coaching your kids towards the greatest prize of all – eternity in Heaven.



This book was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review. An affiliate link is included for your convenience.


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