Love At First Fight

Love At First Fight - Parenting Like HannahOver the years, I have become passionate about Christian parents taking the time to have a healthy marriage. I have spent untold hours listening to children cry because of the brokenness their parents’ shattered marriage has caused in their own lives. I don’t want anyone else to have the pain a broken marriage creates.

As a result, I am always looking for new resources to encourage Christian parents to work on their marriages. Recently, I was offered the chance to review Love At First Fight by Carey and Dena Dyer.

Billed as “52 Story-based meditations for married couples”, it’s a great little book for helping couples take a non-threatening look at their marriage. It sounds strange, but I think it’s cute and kind of fun the authors take a look at the disagreements they had and use them to create a catalyst for other couples to discuss their own marriages.

Each meditation begins with a verse of scripture. Then the authors share an incident in their relationship through the eyes of each spouse. Rather than beating readers over the head with the constant “men and women think differently” speech, they illustrate it by their telling of these stories. These fights aren’t told in ugly, demeaning ways but rather they are the “cute” fights that while serious at the time seem almost silly years later.

Each meditation includes a section called “taking off the gloves”. The authors ask some questions designed to generate discussion and help couples get to know each other better. These aren’t questions designed to begin arguments, but rather to help couples understand each other better. Although they don’t really say it, I think the authors are gently helping couples understand why their spouse does the things they do in a relatively non-threatening way.

The sweetest part of the meditation is at the end of each one. The authors have couples with long marriages share a tip about marriage. It’s great to hear from others who have made their marriages be God-centered and successful for decades.

While the book is not a Bible study, it does contain quite a bit of scripture and godly advice. I don’t believe a non-Christian would feel uncomfortable with the book or their advice, but it is definitely written by a couple who want God to be the center of their marriage.

I love this book. On a purely aesthetic note, the paper on which it is printed is rather cheap and the layout is not as “beautiful” as you may find in similar books. I think the strength of the content makes it worth overlooking though. Do your children a huge favor. Whether you use this book, another book on marriage or get counseling – put the necessary work into your marriage to make it healthy. It’s one of the best gifts you can give your children.




This book was given to me for free for my honest review. An affiliate link is included for your convenience.

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