Wonderful New Resource for Expectant Fathers

Wonderful Resource for New Dads- Parenting Like Hannah - Parenting Like HannahWhen I got pregnant for the first time, we were immediately given a copy of What to Expect When You Are Expecting. I practically wore the book out as I went through my pregnancy. Although my husband was an interested and involved dad, it just didn’t seemed to resonate with him as much. I have wondered ever since what sort of book first time dads need to help navigate them through the “dad side” of the pregnancy equation.

I think I have finally found the perfect book! Best of all, the author is Christian and although he doesn’t talk about God and his faith on every page, he makes it clear a strong faith in God is essential. The New Dad’s Playbook is written by NFL tight end Benjamin Watson. That fact alone would have made my husband interested in reading the book. It covers everything from the moment you first find out you are pregnant until after the baby comes home from the hospital.

Watson does a great job of interweaving football analogies with what first time dads need to know and understand. Thankfully, he balanced it well so it wasn’t so overdone it became trite or annoying. The times he threw in football I felt like were in places that would help a guy who loved sports either become curious about the new topic or understand a principle Watson was sharing.

The book does a great job in explaining all of the “clinical” aspects of pregnancy that would help men understand what is really happening to their wife and new child. My favorite part though is how Watson really calls men to step up and be there for their wives in truly supportive ways.

I don’t know whether his wife helped edit the book or he just naturally understands (or learned the hard way!) what women need and want when they are pregnant, but he hit it perfectly as far as how I felt when pregnant. Watson isn’t ugly about his call to dads, but he is very firm with his male readers as to their duties as a supportive husband and father. Whether it is how to help your wife through morning sickness or how to navigate sex during pregnancy, his advice is straightforward and easy for even the most uninformed new dad on the planet to understand.

I also appreciate that although, Watson didn’t pretend to make this some sort of Bible study or sermon, he did gracefully weave his faith throughout the book. I think he made it perfectly clear dads need to have a strong Christian faith and use it to lead their families.

I think men will appreciate the humor and personal stories Watson shares with readers. Even I had to chuckle at his fine for “celebrating” after a touchdown, when he was trying to show his pregnant wife he was thinking about her! It is also obvious Watson adores his wife and kids, which for many men is possibly the most powerful witness Watson gives in this book – “real” men can indeed be loving supportive husbands and fathers.

This is one of the rare books I endorse this enthusiastically. It should become a classic given to all men who are first time expectant fathers – especially if they love sports! Wives, trust me, if no one gives this to your husband as soon as you find out you are pregnant the first time – go buy it when you buy What to Expect for yourself – it will be worth every penny, if your husband takes Watson’s advice!



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