Great Resource for Christian Grandpas

Great Resource for Christian Grandpas

Before our daughter was born, the hospital provided classes for new grandparents. It was a great way to update them on some things that had changed since they had their children. Other than that though, there really isn’t a lot of guidance out there for grandparents. It’s supposed to be the fun part of life and therefor intuitive.

It’s a shame really, because grandparents can have a tremendous impact on the lives of their grandchildren. they can shape a child’s faith walk in ways that may be difficult for anyone other than a grandparent to accomplish. So, I was excited to finally find a resource for grandpas (Sorry grandma, I’m still looking for one for you!). Championship Grandfathering:How to Build a Winning Legacy by Carey Casey is actually a sequel to the author’s fathering book.

Evidently Casey’s call to both fathers and grandfathers is to leave a legacy of loving, coaching and modeling. Although, those could probably be a book alone, the author provides some foundational advice, too. I love that he spends quite a bit of time focusing on entering the world of your grandchildren and bringing them into your world. Sadly, many fathers and grandfathers have no idea how to enter a child’s world or the immense positive impact it has on the child.

One would think bringing your grandchild into your world would be a natural part of grand-parenting, but evidently it isn’t for many grandparents. Sharing your hobbies reveals not only a part of your heart, but also creates treasured memories for your grandchild. My daughter will always remember making sticky buns with her great-grandmother each time we visited.

I’m thankful Casey also took the time to address the issues of how to end a negative legacy and begin a more positive one. It is something that must be done with great intentionality if it is to happen. If not, the negative legacy will continue for many generations. You can choose what type of grandfather you want to be and that is perhaps the greatest gift the author gives many of his readers – the permission to change and be better.

The author does a great job when he gets into his core principles. He gives lots of personal examples and practical tips as well as a few scriptures. Throughout the book each chapter closes with what he calls action steps. I love that he doesn’t expect to remember key points from each chapter, but provides challenges to help readers actually live out those main points.

While the book is obviously a Christian book and contains scripture references, I do wish the author had spent a little more time on the ways grandfathers can help grandchildren build a strong faith foundation. He touches on it here and there, but to me that is perhaps the greatest role of grandfather and many could use a lot more faith building tips.

I think this book is a great resource for both experienced and new grandfathers. It should probably be given to any first time grandfather the moment they hear the joyous news. If you’re a grandfather, I strongly encourage you to read it and see if you can’t make an even greater positive impact on your grandkids. It’s definitely worth the time and effort.




This book was given to me in exchange for my honest review. An affiliate link is included for your convenience.

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