Riddle Me This: Fun, Flexible Family Devotional

Riddle Me This: Fun, Flexible Family Devotional - Parenting Like HannahWe have started posting a series of free, fun, flexible family devotionals. Fun, because we pick an activity we think your family will enjoy. Flexible, because the activity we have chosen fits with several different Bible stories and application principles. You get to choose which story and application principle you think your kids need the most.

That’s it! Let us know what you think and if these free devotionals are encouraging your family to study the Bible together. Here’s today’s devotional:

Supplies: Bible, riddles (from online or a library book), paper, pens

Procedure: Pick one of the following Bible stories and application ideas to be your focus:

  • Samson: Judges 13&14 (optional chapters 15 &16). Samson was dedicated to God from birth, yet his poor life choices got in the way. God still used him, but who knows what more Samson could have done with God had he made wiser choices in his life. His downfall began when he was attracted to the partying Philistines. His riddle to them may be one of the most famous riddles of all.
  • Proverbs: Book of Proverbs. Life can seem like a big riddle at times. Proverbs are simple to remember statements that can help us remember what to do when these “riddles” in life happen – like how to choose good friends or how to be wise.
  • Parables of Jesus: Found throughout Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Parables are similar to riddles in some ways. They are short stories that on the surface seem very simple. Yet look a little deeper and they have a second hidden spiritual meaning. The parable of the lost pearl is about more than just someone who lost a pearl. The parables of Jesus help make some of his teachings easier to understand.

Tell your kids the story you have chosen or read examples from the proverbs or parables you have found in the Bible. As you discuss the application you have chosen, mention that in many ways these resemble (or are in the case of Samson actually are) riddles. Ask your kids some of the Bible riddles you have found. Have fun seeing what other Bible riddles your family can create. If you chose proverbs, can they make riddles whose answer is a proverb? Or for parables, a riddle about a parable?

After you create and share your riddles, talk about the importance of teaching other people about God in ways they can understand. Explain that although some teachers like to use fancy words and confuse students, God wants to make sure we understand what He wants us to know about how to obey Him. Talk about ways your family can teach others about God and His Plan in ways people can easily understand.



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