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Unexpected Christian Parenting - Parenting Like HannahParenting is full of the unexpected. You find yourself saying things to your kids you never thought you would ever say to anyone, like “We don’t float our toy boats in the toilet.” If you are barely surviving the day-to-day stress of parenting, what happens when the unexpected hits?

Christine Caine is a popular Christian speaker. Although she doesn’t focus on parenting, I was interested when offered a chance to review her latest book, Unexpected. I loved the end flap message before I even opened the book. Caine points out that often when the unexpected happens, we almost forget we have God. If we continually give into the fear and anxiety the unexpected things in life can bring, our worlds often begin to shrink into what we think is a smaller, safer zone.

Yet, Caine points out, God has a richer, fuller life planned for us than hiding under the covers with our kids. I also appreciate that instead of trying to cover the idea of dealing with the unexpected as one skill set, she breaks it down into the various types of unexpected events that can shake us. From unexpected things that interrupt us to those that disillusion, she covers ten types of unexpected events – including some positive things.

Although, I have heard her speak at a conference, I haven’t read her other books or kept up with her life. I was surprised to find through the course of the book, that life hasn’t been perfect for her either. She has had some serious struggles along the way and shares them in an interesting story telling style when those events illustrate points she wants to teach.

Woven throughout are practical tips and plenty of scripture. I especially appreciate the many times she quotes the scripture with its reference, so readers don’t have to go find their Bibles or look in the end notes.

Caine takes the reader through what one would naturally feel in various unexpected situations and slowly helps them find ways to reframe what is happening and remember how God can help them in that process. Being able to do that can help any Christian avoid losing their way in stressful times – especially if they are also trying to parent their kids towards God.

If you enjoy Caine’s other books, you will probably enjoy this one. If you struggle with the unexpected event that just happened and want to try to get back in a better frame of mind, this book may very well give you the help you need.


This book was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review. An affiliate link is included for your convenience.

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