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Generous Love - Parenting Like HannahParenting can be interesting. It’s easy to convince yourself that you are putting your kids and spouse ahead of your own needs all of the time. Then something happens to make you realize maybe you aren’t quite as selfless as you think.

I was interested when offered to an opportunity to review the book Generous Love by Becky Kopitzke. The subtitle was what really caught my eye – “Discover the Joy of Living ‘Others First'”.  As a mom with two decades of experience under my belt, I would say I’ve heard more parents complain about always having to put others first, than celebrating the joy it is bringing them.

I love that she starts with the idea of being blessed by being a blessing to someone. Of course, that is quickly followed by the chapter, “Why are we so stinking selfish?”.  Although she focuses on what she calls the “four P’s” of blessing – presence, possessions, perspective and prayer – she delves into other areas of what it means to truly be loving to others – including loving people who aren’t like you.

Obviously, in our world today, this book is timely. Her style is engaging and while an easy read – deeper than many Christian books. She tells plenty of stories from life, but is not afraid to point readers back to scripture for their real direction.

Kopitzke has some of the best end of chapter questions I have seen in a book that isn’t actually a workbook. She sends readers to the Bible to find quite a few additional scriptures to add to what they have just read in her chapter. Honestly, it is one of the few books I’ve found that wouldn’t need a lot added to it to be a great Bible study. She even throws in a bonus “Love in Motion” challenge for the reader to complete after each chapter.

The book contains lots of practical tips – including fifty ideas for ways to bless people with your perspective. Living in a world where even people in the church can become increasingly hostile to one another, these suggestions alone could challenge an individual or a church for quite some time.

If you struggle with showing God’s love to others, or if you tend to grumble more than find joy when you do put others before yourself, this book might be the attitude adjustment you need. It’s at least worth a try!



This book was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review. An affiliate link is included for your convenience.

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