Laughing With Your Kids

Laughing With Your Kids - Parenting Like Hannah Christian parenting is serious business. The stakes are incredibly high. That doesn’t mean you can’t have lots of fun with your kids while you are raising them.

One of the most fun times in parenting is the “joke years.” Usually, around the preschool to early elementary ages, kids become almost obsessed with jokes. Well, actually jokes, puns, riddles – you name it – if it gets a laugh or a groan, they are thrilled.

Of course, they don’t know many jokes themselves. Which means mom and dad become the local comedy club! Unfortunately, the types of jokes kids enjoy are the ones you last heard when you were their age – decades ago.

Crack Yourself Up: Jokes for Kids by Sandy Silverthorne is a gift to parents and grandparents with kids in the “joke years”. It’s filled with probably several hundred jokes, riddles, puns, knock-knock jokes – anything and everything to send a child rolling in laughter.

Although it’s published by a Christian publishing house, the jokes aren’t religious in nature (with a rare exception). They are clean and appropriate for young children. For those who have been through this stage before, you will be glad to know there aren’t potty jokes or disrespectful, rude jokes.

So grab this book and tell your kids some jokes. Or give it to them and let them tell you some jokes. More importantly, just enjoy laughing together. This stage, like others in parenting, is short and very sweet.




This book was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review. An affiliate link is included for your convenience.

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