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Resource for Adoptive Parents - Parenting Like HannahMany Christians have answered the call to adopt children who need forever homes. Unfortunately, adoptive children face special challenges due to a variety of factors. Often there is little support for adoptive parents after all the legalities are completed.

So I was interested when offered the chance to review a book offering a Bible study for adoptive parents. I Call You Mine by Kim de Blecourt is written to help Christian embrace the idea of God’s gift of adoption – both for us and for children needing forever homes. Although you could complete it on your own, I can really see the advantage of having a small group Bible study whose members are all adoptive parents.

The book is probably written more for people considering adoption or those early in the process. It spends a bit of time covering the types of issues that can come up during the adoption process and once the child becomes part of a forever family. I do believe there is enough in there though for a small group study attended by families at all stages of the adoption journey – including more experienced adoptive families.

The study is designed to last six weeks, with entries to complete daily. Each day there is a short reading, some scripture upon which to read and reflect and a couple of application questions to answer. The week also includes a suggested scripture to memorize and a pre-written prayer to pray.

The author weaves the readers adoption by God as a Christian into their journey as adoptive parents. Some entries do this more smoothly than others. The thought questions are fine, but not particularly challenging. Although some allow for deeper sharing, they are also written in such a way that the conversation could stay shallow for some.

Over all, I love the idea of a Bible study designed for parents of adopted children. This one is fine for those considering adoption. I believe more experienced parents – especially who have adopted children from traumatic backgrounds – would appreciate some practical suggestions woven in with the other things. They often have struggles for which a Bible study environment could be incredibly helpful.



A copy of this book was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review. An affiliate link is included for your convenience.

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