Weekly Christian Parenting Challenges #8

How was your week? Finding it challenging to focus on Christian parenting? Here are this week’s social media challenges to help you on your journey.

Monday: It’s easy to tell this house was once beautiful. Someone neglected to care for it though, and now it would take a ton of money and hard work to fix it. Your kids’ hearts and minds are like that. They were born innocent. With lots of love and attention, they can learn to become mighty men and women of God. With neglect though, they will become more worldly each day. At some point, it may take an enormous amount of time and effort to help them give their hearts and lives to God. Don’t neglect the spiritual training of your kids. Starting early is a lot easier than needing to undo years of spiritual neglect.

Tuesday: Children go through a stage when they like to play pretend with dolls, play houses, tree houses, etc. Often, they pretend they are adults they have seen. If they are pretending to be you, what are you like? Because whether or not either of you is aware of it now, your kids will copy a lot of what you say and do. Will they be copying godly or worldly behaviors, thoughts and attitudes when they do? Sometimes the hardest part of Christian parenting is being the Christian God wants you to be.

Wednesday: Do your kids have time to think, reflect or meditate on God’s words? The Bible calls God’s people to do just that. It’s tough for kids to understand and move to long term memory what God wants them to know if they don’t have time to ponder it. It’s difficult for them to dream godly dreams or analyze where they are spiritually compared to where God wants them to be if they don’t have a spare second to contemplate. Gazing at clouds or stars, listening to classical music while resting and/or afternoon device free rest times can give them some of that critical processing time.

Thursday: How much time do you have left before each of your children turns eighteen and stops living at your house full time? Now make a list of everything you want your kids to know, believe and understand about God. What godly character traits do they still need to develop? You get the idea. Create a rough plan for how you will help them grow spiritually the remainder of their time at home. If you don’t analyze and plan, the time will slip away and they will enter adulthood with a shaky faith foundation.

Friday: Need ideas for a family devotional? Want some fun things to do with your kids to work on character traits? Looking for a helpful parenting book to read? Need help with a parenting struggle? You can search our blog for posts on specific topics to help you quickly find what you need. So head on over to our website (.com) and get the Christian parenting help you’ve needed. (You can also ask specific questions on this page or by messaging us.)

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