Weekly Christian Parenting Challenges #12

Last week was a week of Sabbath type rest at Teach One Reach One Ministries. This week, we’ve been extra busy uploading dozens of new activity ideas you can use to teach your kids the Bible at home – even while teaching or reviewing secular academic skills. Here are the social media challenges for the week in case you missed them.

Monday: We don’t know what tomorrow may bring. Now is a perfect time to teach your kids how to find their hope in God. How to lean on Him in tough times. How to look to God for answers – even if we can’t find them right away. You may never again have as much time and as many real life examples to use to point your kids to God and scripture. Use these opportunities wisely.

Tuesday: These Assyrian objects are from a culture and time in the Old Testament. World history is in the Bible. In fact, it’s easy to attach the Bible to various parts of your children’s school day if they’re learning at home this semester. We have lots of activity ideas tying Bible lessons to school skills. Originally developed for faith based tutoring, most will work at home, too. And they’re all free! http://teachonereachone.org/activity-ideas/

Wednesday: The kids that grew up in this Native American community could only enter or leave by scaling a steep cliff using their hands and feet. I’m sure it took perseverance and courage to learn to live that life. Your kids will need perseverance and courage to lead a Christian life. Having a strong faith foundation will help. For practical tips, head to our website and search the terms to find past blog posts on them.

Thursday: Are your kids involved in distance learning? Are you homeschooling? We have four great ways to add teaching your kids about God on our blog today, with lots of free resources. So head on over to parentinglikehannah (.com) and check it out!

Friday: Did you know the White House was inspired by the President’s house in Ireland? It’s not an exact copy, but if you glance quickly the resemblance is remarkable. You and your kids are supposed to accurately reflect God’s image. You won’t do it perfectly, but the effort and the results should be obvious to those around you. Of course, to accurately reflect God’s image, you have to know Him well. That’s best done by your family spending time reading and discussing scripture. (You can even add it to your child’s school year. Check out our blog post this week for ideas. Parentinglikehannah (.com))

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