Weekly Christian Parenting Challenges #15

It’s a holiday weekend. Time for family fun and resetting your family goals and schedule. Here are this week’s social media challenges to give you some ideas to consider.

Monday: There are people that will tell you science and Christianity are incompatible. The truth is since God created the world and the science behind it, science is only incompatible when scientists totally reject God and His place in the world. Answers in Genesis has lots of great science materials written by Christian scientists that will help your kids learn science without also being told they need to reject God. They have quite a few free online resources to help you explain things to your kids.

Tuesday: Notice the small sign on the window? This is a cafe in the town where Prince William and Kate attended university. If you don’t notice the small print on the sign, you would believe they actually met in the cafe. Your kids need to learn to look for the fine print, the “rest of the story”. Satan will make sure your kids will hear lots of lies meant to pull them away from God. Often these lies have just enough truth in them to make them even trickier. Make sure your kids understand that unless a total statement is true, in reality they are hearing or telling a lie. Knowing to look for the bits of deception can protect them from a lot of pain.

Wednesday:These people were thrown into the bogs in Ireland to punish them back in the Iron Age. Evil has always been on the Earth since the Fall. It may seem more obvious now, for a variety of reasons. Your kids need to know some important things about evil. Read our blog post today on teaching your kids about evil. It’s on our Parenting Like Hannah website (.com).

Thursday: Lions are known for protecting their cubs. You protect your kids, but are you protecting them from the right things? Sometimes kids need to fail to learn resilience. On the other hand, kids need their exposure to evil to be as limited as possible. Scripture teaches we are to fill our minds with things that are good, pure and praise worthy. Studies show that filling kids heads with images of violence and sex have negative effects on their brains that can literally change those young brains. So be that lion. Just protect your kids from the right things.

Friday: Your family may not have felt much like celebrating the last few months, but celebrating tied to gratitude to God for His blessings is great for your kids. So find something to celebrate and thank God for those blessings.

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