Weekly Christian Parenting Challenges #18

We have actually had some Fall weather here this week. How was your week? Been to busy to check our daily challenges? Here’s a recap.

Monday: Did you know sounds can impact your kids? Sounds like water running and waves can soothe. Loud, chaotic noises can cause stress or distract them. Silence can encourage them to hear their own thoughts. Some classical music can help put them to sleep. Cheerful songs can improve their mood or raise energy levels. If you’re not sure, ask them questions like, “What kind of sounds make it easier or more difficult to pray/study your Bible/reflect, etc.”

Tuesday: Did you know flamingos’ coloring is because of what they eat? Your kids’ spiritual health will be determined in part by what they “consume” in games, books, movies, music and more. Teaching them how to choose entertainment that helps rather than hurts them is crucial if you want them to develop unshakeable faith foundations.

Wednesday: Struggling with some aspect of your Christian parenting journey? You’re not alone! We’ve all been there at some point. Ask your questions on this page, email us through the contact feature on our website or ask an experienced Christian parent you know. Don’t keep struggling alone. God gave us the body of Christ in part for godly support. Take advantage of that gift from God.

Thursday: This is a poison garden. Every plant in it is poisonous. They’ve put up signs to warn people in case they are tempted to taste the plants. Your kids need to learn the warning signs of temptation and what to do to keep from sinning when tempted. Otherwise, they will be more vulnerable to Satan’s poisonous suggestions.

Friday: Have teens who are passionate about a social justice issue? Unfortunately, many times the secular world has taken the lead in areas the church should have. Here are some great service projects involving popular issues your family can do together. Not only will they help others, but it will give you a great opportunity to teach your kids the difference between biblical and secular social justice. http://teachonereachone.org/meaningful-social-justice…/

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