Weekly Christian Parenting Challenges #20

The holidays will be here soon. They may look a little different from previous years, but you can still create special memories with your kids. They key is to start planning now. Here are this week’s social media challenges.

Monday: Even famous composers made mistakes. You will make mistakes as a parent. What matters is what you do after you realize you’ve made a mistake. If you try to ignore it, it can have negative consequences for your kids. The best option is usually to apologize to your kids and make any needed corrections. It works whether you’ve been too lenient or too harsh. Your kids will respect you more for an honest apology (whether they like your subsequent adjustment or not), than for doubling down on a parenting mistake.

Tuesday: Did you know many museums have artifacts from Bible times and cultures? Doing a little research before you go will make it easier to show them to your kids and underscore the historical nature of the stories in the Bible.

Wednesday: Have you ever thought about how many stories in the Bible involve food? Why not introduce your kids to some of those foods as you tell the Bible story to them? Connecting those extra senses to the story will improve their memory of it. Plus it’s a fun way to have a family devotional!

Thursday: Family crests contained things families believed represented them or held as family values. What would your family’s crest contain? Would God have a place on it? Give your kids paper and markers and have them design a family crest showing the four most important things to your family…that explain your family to others. Have them explain their finished crests. If God has no presence, even minimally, on their crests…it may be time to adjust your family’s priorities.

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