Weekly Christian Parenting Challenges #22

In my mind, the Holiday season has begun with several almost back to back holidays over the next few months. With everything you have happening, now until Spring can seem overwhelming. Take a step back and prioritize what is actually best for your kids, your spouse and you. You may want to read our blog post earlier this week on fun ways to express gratitude as a family. Here are this week’s social media challenges.

Monday: If you find this coin while eating a special Greek holiday cake, you are supposed to have good luck. Unfortunately, constantly using words like “luck” and “coincidence” with your kids minimizes the role God actually plays in the good things that happen in our lives. Helping your kids “see” God is pointing out to your kids when you see Him working in the world around you. (And scrubbing the worlds “luck” and “coincidence” from your vocabulary.)

Tuesday: Life doesn’t always come with warning signs…especially to warn your kids about the things that can pull them away from God. Sometimes Satan tempts them with sins in which they become enmeshed. For others, Satan can use things which appear to be good, but ultimately have the same impact of pulling your kids away from God. Teach your kids how to stay close to God and how to avoid being tricked into starting to walk away from him. If you don’t tell them the warning signs, who will?

Wednesday: Did you know the sound of water from a stream, waterfall or fountain is soothing? That walking can calm nerves, lift moods and clarify thinking? Teaching your kids godly, healthy coping strategies for when they are feeling emotions like anxiety can keep them from turning to less healthy or godly ways of coping out of desperation.

Thursday: Someone was creative when they designed this playground equipment. You may have to be creative with certain aspects of parenting. What works well with one of your kids may have no impact on another one. That’s why Christian parenting mentors who have raised children who are active, productive Christians as adults can help. Studies are showing those parents do have parenting skills and techniques that are unique. Tapping into their wisdom can make your parenting journey easier and more successful. Why not make your life easier by asking for advice?! It’s what the book of Proverbs suggests over and over.

Friday: Young people sometimes stop believing in God when they see bad things happen to “good” people. It’s important for you to teach them the realities sin brought into the fallen world. They also need to understand God’s plan to redeem us, His amazing love for us and the length of a perfect eternity in Heaven compared to the pain in this world. They also need to understand their choices will impact whether or not their eternity is spent living in the presence of God. Don’t let them reject God because they don’t understand the realities of the world that are clearly explained in the Bible.

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