Weekly Christian Parenting Challenges #25

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?! I imagine your favorite blessing may just be your kids. Do they know it though? Don’t forget, your kids need lots of hugs, “I love you’s” and quality time with you – even if you are all home together all day. Here are some more tips and encouragement from this week’s social media challenges.

Monday: These flowers may look as if they accidentally sprung up, but they were carefully planted and tended by someone. There are parents who believe in free range parenting….virtually no guidance, oversight, coaching, direct teaching, etc. The belief is that kids will grow to be their best selves with little if any adult intervention. The truth is God expects parents to teach and coach their kids, to protect them from evil, to give them guided practice in living the lives God wants them to live. God also expects parents to correct their children when they are disobedient. Failing to do so, means your kids may turn out to be like the children of Eli, Samuel and the vast majority it appears of the sons of King David. You don’t have to control and micro manage your kids, but God does expect you to teach, guide and train them.

Tuesday: Need ideas for things to do with your kids that can also help them learn more about God? Check out the Bible lessons and activity ideas on our Teach One Reach One website. Originally designed for classes, many can also be done with your family and the ideas and lessons are all free! www.teachonereachone.org/activity-ideas

Wednesday: You would never purposefully say anything that would emotionally scar your kids for life, but are you doing it accidentally? A lot of parents say negative things about their kids to other adults when their children are nearby. Most of the time it is merely venting and an attempt to laugh about the struggles of parenting with friends. That’s not what it sounds like to your kids though, when they inevitably overhear you. What you meant as hyperbole, they hear as truth. What you said in frustration, they use to define themselves. Your words can cut your kids more than the words of others, because in their minds you are supposed to know them better than anyone and love them no matter what. And don’t forget, your young kids may eventually get on social media and scroll down through your old posts. Your kids know they aren’t perfect, but let them overhear you telling others encouraging things about them.

Thursday: What is the opposite of a child who is grateful? One who whines, complains, exhibits selfish and entitled behaviors and more. Want kids with great Christian character traits and hearts full of love? Work towards helping them have an attitude of gratitude and a grateful heart.

Friday: A lot of artists do self portraits. A fun way to find out how your kids view themselves is to give them some fun art supplies and have them draw a self portrait. If they think they can’t draw, show them abstract “portraits” and encourage them to try that style. Then have them write or draw what they are like “on the inside”…likes, dislikes, emotions, thoughts, etc. When they are finished, have them tell you about their portraits. Why does self image matter? Because it reveals part of your child’s heart and whether it is moving towards God or away from Him.

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