Family, Faith and Fun Challenge Day 13

Happy New Year! Time to reinforce some great spiritual habits.

Friday, January 1, Day 13

Bible Reading: Luke 24:1-49

Memory Verse: “They were saying, ‘It’s true! The Lord has risen. He’s appeared to Simon.’” Luke 24:34

Interesting Facts:

  • Stones in front of tombs at this time fit into a groove once they were in place. They would have been easy to put in place, but very hard to remove.
  • The stone in front of the grave could have weighed several thousand pounds.

Thoughts to Share: How do you think Mary, Joanna, the Apostles and other people felt as they realized Jesus had risen from the dead? They felt joy! Joy is understanding the story of Jesus. Joy is understanding Jesus died for our sins and was raised from the dead. Joy is knowing that when we are baptized to become a Christian, our sins are forgiven and we will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Joy is knowing we can spend forever with God in Heaven.

Family Fun Instructions: Today is the first day of a New Year! Find or make items to help you celebrate. New Year’s Day is also a great time to set goals for the coming year. You can make goals for yourself and goals for your family. This worksheet will help you set goals that will be a little easier to keep. Each of you may want to use one of the blank books in the box to write down your goals and keep track of how you are doing. Spend some time celebrating the New Year and setting goals.

Parenting Tips: Here, you will find tips for helping your kids set and accomplish goals. Teaching your children how to set and keep goals will make it easier for them to do well in school, in a job, in a relationship and especially as a Christian.

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