Parenting Challenges #6

Valentine’s Day is this weekend. Have fun showering your kids with lots of extra love! Here are this week’s social media challenges.

Monday:This man is famous for taking trash and turning it into art. It only makes sense that your kids, being created in God’s image, will also be creative. Unfortunately, their creativity is often stifled, making it difficult for them to discover their gifts from God….and find creative ways to use those gifts to serve Him. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to encourage your kids’ natural creativity. Just allow them to play with a bunch of safe, random objects and see what happens.

Tuesday: What’s in a name? For fans of this Canadian chain, they know what to expect…even if they find one in Scotland! So what does it mean when your kids take on the name Christian? It’s more than a name, for sure. What does God expect of His Christian people? What does the world think when they see the name Christian? What does God want us to do as Christians that will cause others to want to learn more about Him? These are all important questions your family should regularly discuss.

Wednesday: If you live near an ocean where these live, you’ve probably taught your kids to be careful around them to avoid getting hurt. Have you taught your kids how to avoid being hurt spiritually? They need to be taught how to recognize temptations and how to avoid sinning when tempted. Otherwise, they are much more likely to get hurt.

Thursday: This is a sidewalk in a city I visit. The optical illusion can make the sidewalk appear uneven. Sinful pursuits can have the illusion that they will make your kids happy and popular. And they may for a time. Ultimately though, those sins can and will hurt them. Sometimes immediately. Sometimes much later. Sometimes when it’s too late. Whenever possible, helping them understand some of the reasons why God may want them to avoid those will help many. For others reasons don’t help because it’s an issue of their heart towards God. They will need to learn to trust God, their King, and want to obey Him, before they will attempt to avoid sins.

Friday:Different kids have different needs. Basketball is a priority for this family, so they made sure each child has the goal they need to practice appropriately. Each of your kids will need some of the same things to grow spiritually and reach their full potential. Because of their personalities and varied gifts from God, they will also each have special needs to become the active, productive Christian God wants them to be. It takes time to discover and provide those things, but it’s the best way to help your kids reach the full spiritual potential God gave them.

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