A Quiet Time for Mom

A Quiet Time for Mom - Parenting Like HannahIf you have been a Mom for very long at all, you realize your time with children at home is anything but quiet. Most of the time, all of that noise means love, fun and memory creation. Let’s be honest though, sometimes you wish you just had a few quiet minutes so you can complete a thought. The idea of spending a quiet time with God seems like a luxury a Mom can’t afford.

Do you want to be more effective when you correct your children? Do you wish you were more patient with their mistakes? Do you long to be more proactive about teaching your children about God? I will tell you a little secret I learned the hard way, taking a few minutes a day for a quiet time with God can change everything about your day and how your parent.

Don’t panic. I will be honest. I resisted the idea of quiet time for years because it sounded so overwhelming. The very idea of getting up at five in the morning for an hour of Bible study and prayer was exhausting. In those early years of parenting, I felt like I was running on empty anyway. Denying myself another hour of sleep sounded insane.

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Why You Need to Snuggle With Your Kids Today

Why You Need to Snuggle With Your Kids Today - Parenting Like HannahI always thought snuggling with your kids comes naturally to every parent and is done on an almost daily basis. Then last night, I heard a cop say that until he joined the force he didn’t realize some parents use the police to settle their arguments. It made him realize there are a lot of families who don’t understand how to parent in ways that are the healthiest for their children. I also realize many parents have the best of intentions, but let the busyness of life rob their kids of needed snuggle time.

Why do kids need snuggle time? Is it important enough to eliminate other activities or let some dishes go unwashed for a few more hours? I think it really is vital, for Christian parents especially, to snuggle with their kids. Here’s why:

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Connecting Your Child’s Schoolwork to the Bible

Connecting Your Child's Schoolwork to the Bible - Parenting Like HannahI will never forget the first time I learned something in Church before I learned it in school. It was such a fun feeling to already know the history and geography the teacher was explaining because I had learned it from the Bible years earlier. Many other Christians have shared a similar reaction in their school experiences. On some level, it adds a sense of awe and “coolness” to the Bible. (Not that it isn’t cool enough on its own – but that’s another topic for another day!)

Many times when teaching kids and teens the Bible, we focus only on the story. We get so caught up in helping the kids remember who did what to whom, we forget all of that information fits into the context of the world at large. Biblical history is not some special little isolated collection of mysterious almost invisible events. Rather it was as much a part of world history and geography as anything your child will learn in school.

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Encouraging Independent Teen Bible Study

Encouraging Independent Teen Bible Study - Parenting Like HannahDoes your teen read her Bible? Does he even know where his Bible is? If you are like many parents of teens, the subject of independent Bible study is rarely mentioned. There seems to be an unwritten fear that if a parent mentions reading the Bible, the teen in question will never open a Bible again. Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are several ways parents can encourage their teen to read her Bible. Which method or methods you choose depend a lot on your current relationship with your child. If you have a healthy relationship with lots of wonderful conversations, you can probably do these things yourself with a great degree of success.

If your relationship with your teen is characterized with disagreements and strife, you should identify some other adult whom your child respects to help. It may be a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, a teacher or even a youth minister. Don’t be afraid to ask for their help. Anyone who loves your child and God should be an enthusiastic member of your team.

So what are some ways to get your teen to read his Bible independently?

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Simple Ways Children Can Share Their Faith

Simple Ways Children Can Share Their Faith - Parenting Like HannahMy daughter has always been very confident sharing her faith. She easily shares her beliefs with people many Christians would consider “difficult to convert”. She started this at an extremely young age by just having natural conversations with her peers.

I started thinking about how we had raised a child that shared her faith so easily. Some may argue it’s a gift from God and in some ways it is. On the other hand, she is somewhat introverted and doesn’t necessarily gravitate towards having conversations with people she doesn’t know well.

Looking back, I do think there were a few things we tried to communicate on a regular basis that may have helped her feel more at ease sharing God with others. I am sure there are many things you could do, but here are some that worked well for us:

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