Helping Kids See God

Helping Kids See God - Parenting Like HannahDid you know the average child is using technology by the age of two? Our children are constantly bombarded by technology. And with the vast majority of people now living in suburban or urban environments, our children are constantly surrounded by things made by man. It’s no wonder someone recently said to me, they didn’t know where to look for God!

Psalm 19 is a beautiful Psalm. “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” (Psalm 19:1 NIV) As important as it is for our children to learn the Bible, it may be even more important for them to learn to see God working in the world around them. Even many Christians are telling our young people God is a distant, dis-interested God. He set the world in motion and I guess they assume is sitting in an easy chair watching us as some giant reality show.

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Teaching Your Children to Follow Where God Leads

Teaching Your Children to Follow Where God Leads - Parenting Like HannahIf you have been following the twelve month plan for Teaching Children to Live More Like Jesus, you have been busy working with your children on quite a few practical Christian habits and attributes. This month is probably the toughest, perhaps because I am still working through the subject myself in some ways.

One of the qualities Jesus displayed time and time again was that he went where God led him. Sometimes it was to dinner at someone’s house, sometimes it was to heal people. In the end, God’s Will led Jesus to die a painful death on the Cross. Jesus was obviously not thrilled about the idea of a painful death and separation from God even for a time, but ultimately Jesus went where God had led him.

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Luck and God

Luck and God - Parenting Like Hannah
Photo by Wagner Machado Carlos Lemes

Wow, that was lucky!” “What a wonderful coincidence!” “I guess that was her destiny.” You can’t go very long without hearing someone attribute an incident to luck, coincidence, chance or destiny. You probably have used similar expressions yourself from time to time, I know I have.

The problem with luck and chance is that it means you are often attributing something that was God’s handiwork to pure chance. Think about the last time you used the expression. Was it actually God working in your life? Was it God blessing you with some blessing you had not anticipated? Were you witnessing God’s plan for your life begin to take shape?

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Animals, Kids, and God

Animals, Kids, and God - Parenting Like HannahAnimals are a great way to teach children about God. Every animal has so many unique gifts God has given them. Just the sheer variety and beauty give glory to God. The scriptures are right when they say that creation is a testimony to God. (Romans 1:20)

Yet, atheists will try to use God’s creation to disprove God’s existence. We recently were blessed to meet a woman whose mission is to use animals to teach children about God. I think she put it perfectly.

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Simple Ways to Help Your Child Remember God

Simple Ways to Help Your Children Remember God - Parenting Like Hannah
Photo by John Morgan

Poor Beriah! Joseph’s son Ephraim had two sons who were killed by the men of Gath. After their death, Ephraim had another son whom he named Beriah “because there had been misfortune in his family.” (I Chronicles 7:23 NIV) Can you imagine going through life knowing your name reminded your father of the death of your brothers? No small burden for poor Beriah!

Things might not have turned out so well for Beriah, but normally the naming of children in Israel was an exciting moment. The meaning of the name and the parent’s favorite Jewish heroes of faith, often influenced the choice. In fact, Jesus is actually the Armaic form of the name Joshua.

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