Christian Media and Kids

Christian Media and Kids - Parenting Like HannahYou want a godly book or dvd for your children, so you head to the local Christian book store and purchase something that sounds good. After all, how bad can it be since the Christian bookstore is selling it? When I was young, the Christian book and movie industry was in its infancy. Ironically, many Christians were very cautious about purchasing anything labeled Christian.

Partially, they were concerned about financing possibly shady preachers who were in religion more for material gain than preaching God’s Word. They were also concerned the books and movies would eventually take the place of the Bible for many people. Although I was young, I also remember discussions about the idea of young Christians being possibly taught false doctrine with no one to help them filter the truth from the false teachings.

A few years later, popular culture was in the midst of a serious downward spiral. Things that never would have been said or done on television were now airing in time slots when lots of young children watched. Books and movies were filled with foul language and glorified acts that only a decade ago no one would have discussed, much less spent hard earned money to read or watch.

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Join the Parenting Like Hannah Fun on Facebook

Join the Parenting Like Hannah Fun on Facebook - Parenting Like HannahPart of the expansion of Parenting Like Hannah is our new Facebook page. This page allows me to share with you quick ideas and tips, freebies and a place to interact with each other more easily. In the last week on the Parenting Like Hannah Facebook page, I shared a great link to get lots of free Christian e-books, a fun activity to do with your kids to help them remember the resurrection story and alerted people to a great event in the Atlanta area.

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Hero Worship and God

Hero Worship and God - Parenting Like Hannah
Photo by Ildiko Torok

My brother loved comic book heroes when he was young. He relished the idea of a normal man suddenly turning into a super hero to defend and protect others.

Hero worship is often a natural part of growing up. Our kids might adore athletes, musicians, actors or a host of other people. The problem with heroes is they are sinful people just like the rest of us. No one can live up to the ideals wrapped up in hero worship.

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Picking the Best Movies for Your Kids

Picking the Best Movies for Your Kids - Parenting Like Hannah
Photo by Kathleen Dagastino

My family is always amazed at some of the movies our daughter’s friends have been allowed to watch. From pre-school on, some of these children have been regularly exposed to movies rated “PG”, “PG-13” and even some “R” rated movies. The parents are either unconcerned or exposed the child to the movie themselves.

The conversations I have with some of these parents intrigue me. The parent begins talking about a disturbing movie they just watched with their young child in the room. The conversation switches topics and usually within ten minutes, the same parent is expressing concern and wonderment about their child, who is “suddenly” having a lot of nightmares or acting out in other ways.

I know many of these same parents believe our family is over-reacting to movies with mature themes or more adult ratings. We are viewed by many as naive or over-protective. So, out of fairness, I reviewed the academic research on children and how their behaviors are affected by what they view. I expected to find mixed study results, as often happens when various studies focus on a particular topic.

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For Christian Teens Who Want to be Popular

For Christian Teens Who Want to Be Popular - Parenting Like Hannah
Popular by Tindell Baldwin

Funny thing about being in high school. A few years ago, I went back to my old high school. Since I had lived out of state for years and this was pre-Facebook, I had lost touch with almost everyone. As we stood around reminiscing about our past, I had an epiphany. Almost everyone in high school thinks they are not popular!

As I heard people I would have identified as some of the most popular kids in our class talk about being teased or not feeling like they fit in, I realized maybe the whole popular thing is more about learning to be comfortable in your own skin. Perhaps it is about realizing there is no “normal” person and being different can really be just great (in healthy, godly ways of course). Maybe our shared angst was actually more about discovering who we were than about how popular we thought we were.

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