Preparing Our Children for God

Preparing Our Children for God - Parenting Like Hannah
Photo by Yuri Levchenko

One of the oldest debates in education, psychology and other related fields is nature versus nurture. What qualities are we born with and which ones are a result of our environment? For parents, the question becomes “How much can I and should I influence my child’s personality and gifts?”.  I believe the Bible can give us some answers.

There aren’t a lot of people in the Bible about whom God gives us details of their childhood through their death. Moses is one of the interesting ones. You may recall that as a Hebrew baby in Egypt, Moses begins his life in danger of having it taken from him. His family sets him afloat in hopes of saving his life. Sure enough, Pharaoh’s daughter finds the child and raises him as her own. She even brings Moses’ real mother in to nurse him and help care for him.

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Developing Your Child’s Skills for Service

Developing Your Child's Skills for Service - Parenting Like Hannah
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One of my friends shared something interesting with me the other day. She said it is hard to find younger women who know how to bring home-cooked meals to people who need them or organize dinners for large groups of people. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to help, but they really didn’t know how to do it.

As we analyzed the situation, the light began to dawn. During our childhood, most of our mothers stayed home. We might have participated in one activity a week as a child and at times none at all. What resulted was a lot of time at home with our parents. Times when we invariably annoyed them with complaints of boredom.

Since there were few activities to enroll us in, they enrolled us in helping them do whatever they were doing. This meant many teens could cook entire meals for large groups of people, make simple repairs around the house, sew, knit or display dozens of other practical skills.

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The Danger of Doing Good

The Danger of Doing Good - Parenting Like Hannah
The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good by Peter Greer and Anna Haggard

Part of being an effective parent is knowing how to be an effective leader. We normally don’t think of parenting that way, but when you analyze it, you are attempting to lead these little ones to follow God. As a result I am drawn as much or more to books on leadership than I am to books on parenting.

When I was asked to review Peter Greer‘s book, The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good I was intrigued. What angle would he take? Did he have some sort of axe to grind?

I ended up loving this book. Personally I believe it is a must read for everyone. Whether you are a leader, a parent, attempting to raise a child with strong leadership skills or “just” a follower of leaders, this book has information you need to know and thoroughly digest.

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Creative Service Project for Teen Girls

Creative Service Project for Teen Girls - Parenting Like HannahYesterday, our craft room was covered in ribbon, flowers, glue guns and hair clips. Several teen girls spent the afternoon crafting special hair clips and fascinators. The resulting masterpieces will be given to the young girls living in a local homeless shelter.

Yes, we could probably have gone to a box retailer and found standard hair ornaments for less money and donated those. These however, were made with love and the little girls who will be wearing them were kept in mind.

The project allowed the teens to be creative and discover another unique way to use their talents for God. During our time together I was able to share with some of them other interesting ways people were serving those who lived at the shelter. It also gave me special bonding time with the girls as we poured over craft supplies with our coupons in hand or as I admired their results.

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Kids, Survival Skills, and God

Kids, Survival Skills, and God - Parenting Like Hannah
Planting a piece of ginger

Did you know 870 million people on this earth suffer from chronic malnutrition and hunger? Or that 30,000 people die each week because of illnesses related to drinking dirty water? Untold others are exposed to illness due to a lack of knowledge of basic hygienic principles.

Have you ever tried to learn something new when you felt awful? Hard to do isn’t it? Millions of people need to hear about the Gospel and God’s love for them. Even if they have the opportunity though, many feel so ill, they must have a hard time hearing or comprehending what they are being taught.

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