What Key Lime Lemonade Taught Me About Parenting

What Key Lime Lemonade Taught Me About Parenting - Parenting Like HannahA few weeks ago my favorite deli was testing key lime lemonade. The first time I saw the sign, I had already ordered an iced tea. The next time, I noticed the sign, but wasn’t sure I wanted the calories, so decided to wait until my next visit to splurge. You guessed it. The next time I went in it was gone. I was really disappointed. I am a key lime fan and loved the idea. It was only a test product though and I may never again get the chance to taste that key lime lemonade.

Parenting is a lot like that. There are some opportunities you are given with your child that are one shot deals. You miss your window and the opportunity is gone. The problem is that we usually don’t realize it at the time and pass on the chance figuring it will come again at a more convenient time.

Sometimes those opportunities are an invitation from God to take you on exciting journey serving Him. When our daughter was not quite three years old, we took a family trip to Cancun. Mexico. We had friends who were missionaries on a nearby island. My husband didn’t feel well, but encouraged me to take our daughter to go visit and encourage them since we were so close.

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Christian Service Project Survey – I Need Your Input

Christian Service Project Survey - Parenting Like Hannah
Photo by Odegaard Library

In the next few months, Lord willing, you will have a lot of new resources at your fingertips to help you dedicate your children to God. I don’t want to ruin the surprise by revealing too much now, but I think you will be excited to see everything we will have to help you on your journey. The best part? Everything will be free! We have seen this as a ministry to moms all over the world and now with the expansion we hope to help others who are reaching the children of the world for God.

Right now I desperately need your help! Part of this journey to expand the ministry has led to me leading a workshop at a major service conference in June. I am attempting to do a little informal research to augment the formal research I have found.

Can you please take about two minutes of your time and answer a few questions about the last service experience you had with a faith based organization? It could be Church, para-church, recovery program, children’s home – anything that welcomes God as a part of its mission.

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