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Recently, I joined the world of iPad addicts. My busy schedule and the need to accomplish something while I am waiting, meant I needed an easily portable computer. There is a relatively new app I believe can help you introduce your child to the world in the Bible in a very real way.

Bible360 is a free app (The full app does require payment.). You can download it in the iTunes store or from their website. It has the normal Bible and reading plans. The exciting part for me was the virtual tour of sites in the Bible. Click on one of the more than three dozen virtual tours. (Over 500 if you have the premium paid version) Suddenly you are in Jerusalem or at the Temple. Tap on the various areas for close-ups and more detailed information. The site also contains photos (mini photos over 2300 free, large photos 52 free) , artwork (mini over 700 free, large more than 60 free), maps (mini 143 free, large 16 free) and videos (3 free).

Children are very concrete when they are young. It helps them understand things if they can use their senses to learn about them. That is why it is often difficult for them to understand Bible lessons. Many things discussed in the Bible make little sense to urban/suburban children in our modern world.  Our children may have no frame of reference when we talk about grape vines or the Temple.

What if the next time you taught a Bible lesson, you could show your children exactly where it happened? Not on a map on the wall or from a static photo, but from high quality photos and virtual tours.

Like anything, Bible360 is just another tool to help us make the Bible real to our children. The Bible is a real history of real people and real events. It is important for our children to understand this concept so they will also understand God is alive and working in our world today. He gave us the Bible, which is just as relevant in our lives as it was in the lives of the original readers.

I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no connection to the app mentioned. I only recommend protects I personally enjoy.

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