Using Every Day Things to Impress God’s Words

Using Everyday Things to Impress God's Words  - Parenting Like Hannah
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I don’t know why, but many people think having scriptures on various items is a cheesy way to decorate. Yet in the Old Testament, God told the people to have scriptures on at least  a couple of places around the house – the door post and the gate.

Why did God want scriptures where people had to see them entering their yards and their houses? The Bible never says specifically, but my guess is that it reminded them every time they came home and every time they left, “whose they are”.

When we see an object, it can bring up many strong emotions and memories. I was blessed to have attended probably one of the most beautiful universities in the country. All I have to do is see a photo of the Wren Building in Williamsburg and I am flooded with all sorts of memories and emotions. I can even hear the voices of some of my professors and their words of wisdom.

God wants His words to have a similar effect on our lives and actions. I wear a cross around my neck most of the time. I tend to fiddle with things especially when I am tired, restless or nervous. Those are also some of my most vulnerable times to temptation. Having a cross around my neck to fiddle with forces me to remember whose I am and maybe think twice before sinning.

So, what if your child who is struggling with night time fears sees scriptures about God’s love and protection on the bathroom mirror as he brushes his teeth before bed? What if someone struggling with poor eating habits sees a scripture before opening the refrigerator? What if when you checked your calendar in the morning, you also saw a scripture? What if every time you and your children entered or left your house, God’s Words reminded you whose you were?

Would you cease sinning? Would your children become perfect? It’s doubtful, but it may just help you and your children remember to make better choices. Perhaps you would treat others with a little more love and kindness. It may even remind you and your family to serve everyone you can in some simple way and share your faith with them.

If you are concerned about quality or want some ideas, I have started a Pinterest board with things you can purchase or ideas of things to make yourself. (Please note I am not endorsing complete websites or vendors. These are specific ideas I found beautiful.) A couple even have free scripture cards you can print out and use however you would like.

Follow Thereasa Winnett’s board Ways to Display Bible Verses on Pinterest.

Have you found a unique or beautiful way to display scripture around your home? I would love to hear about your ideas in a comment below.

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