Worrying Less So You Can Live More

Worrying Less So You Can Live More - Parenting Like HannahWorrying seems to be a natural part of parenting. Those tiny little bundles of joy appear so fragile. Who wouldn’t worry that something might harm one of the greatest blessings you’ve ever been given?Unfortunately, worrying doesn’t diminish as your child grows older and stronger. There are just different things about which to worry. You name it and I’m sure more than one parent has worried about it at some point.

The problem with worry is it can rob you of your joy and even your health. It can paralyze your parenting and even limit your child’s potential. Most importantly, it can stunt your relationship with God and your own spiritual growth and health.

I was curious to see how the new book, Worry Less So You Can Live More: Surprising, Simple Ways to Feel More Peace, Joy, and Energy by Jane Rubietta handled the subject. I expected the normal Christian self-help laundry list of things to do to conquer worry in your life. Instead, the author suggested various tools to use regularly in your life to move you away from living in a state of constant worry.

Because it was not written in the normal self-help fashion, the book itself seemed calmer. Rubietta shared stories from her own life as well as how she uses these tools in her own life to walk away from worry. Whether it is embracing play, soaking in nature or dancing the salsa, she gives the reader thirteen different tools for tackling worry.

Although the book embraces godly principles, it is not a Bible study nor does it refer heavily to scripture. Each chapter does however contain a short passage at the end to read and consider. She also quotes other people in each chapter and includes what she calls a votum or wishful prayer and a benedictus or closing song or prayer. To me, both the votum and the benedictus read more like short poems reflecting upon the topic of the chapter.

Each chapter includes quite a few thoughtful questions for the reader to consider and there is also an online study guide available. While personally I would want to add a lot more scripture to use it as a Bible study, it would make a great book to discuss in a mothers’ group of some sort. It does definitely have a Christian point of view, but mentions scripture more in passing than as the central focus.

As a mother who has been known to give a moment or two (or two thousand!) to worry from time to time, I found this book very comforting and practical. I can easily see myself using one or more of her strategies the next time worry begins to creep back into my thoughts. I think it would help anyone who worries – parent or not – Christian or seeker. I plan to share my copy with a worrier or two I know!


This book was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review. This post also contains an affiliate link for your convenience. 

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