Christian Kids and “The Talk”

CHristian Kids and the Talk - Parenting Like HannahWhenever I ask parents about parenting concerns they wish Parenting Like Hannah would address, one of the most frequent answers is the topic of sex education. Whether it’s what to tell their children, how to help them avoid temptation or how to help them make wise choices and understand the consequences of ungodly ones, sex is a scary topic for most parents. Especially Christian parents.

You see as Christian parents, we have to tell our kids God doesn’t want them doing all of those things their friends are doing. We have to help them understand the ultimate, fulfilling sex act – sex within the boundaries of marriage.

Most parents chicken out entirely. Of, they may be able to choke out the scientific basics and even throw a few Bible verses at their kids. Often though, “the talk” comes too late and doesn’t contain all of the information our kids need to make wise choices.

So I was excited when offered a chance to review the More Than Just the Talk: Becoming Your Kids’ Go-To Person About Sex by Jonathan Mckee. I review a lot of parenting type books. Most are fine, but there have only been a couple I feel should be mandatory reading for all parents. This book is one of them.

The author does the best job I have seen so far in helping parents not just have “the talk” or even a series of talks, but a constant open and honest dialogue with their children about godly sex. He celebrates the beauty of sex the way God intended it to be and frowns upon the once popular “just don’t do it”, guilt ridden talks which made sex seem dirty and naughty.

I loved the fact that he took the time to really break the subject down, covering the reality of what kids are seeing and doing, how to change influences from negative to positive and about every specific sexual topic your child may bring up in your discussions (including pornography and homosexuality). The author takes great pains to explain things carefully. Not only does he give relevant scriptures, but also addresses popular logic and true godly logic on each topic. He even tells you what not to say as well as what to say to your children about each subject.

The most useful parts to many parents may be his constant reassurances of “don’t panic” and “ask more questions to understand the context of the question from your child.” These two tips alone could totally change the dynamic in many households when sex becomes the topic of conversation.

I would highly suggest every parent read this book. Start reading it when your kids are toddlers – it will help you have a plan before you really need it. If you are even a little suspicious you are naive about what happens with sex and kids today, read this book.You need to know what your kids are facing, even if you don’t like it (and trust me, you won’t). If you think your kids are too young or would be uncomfortable talking about sex or you know you would be, read this book. It will give you the practical tips you need to have the conversations you absolutely must have as a Christian parent.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think you and your kids are ever going to love having conversations about godly sex. Failing to have them though, may very well mean your children will suffer all sorts of negative consequences because they didn’t fully understand God’s plan for their sex lives. Because God does have a plan, and your children being equipped to follow it will make their marriages the incredible gift of love and sex between two people God meant for them to be.


This book was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review. An affiliate link is included in this post for your convenience.

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