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Don't Give Up Mom - Parenting Like HannahBeing a mom is the best job in the world. Most days. Then there are those days when everything seems to go wrong. Things break down, your kids have forgotten everything you have ever taught them about rules and manners and who knows what else has happened. It’s tempting to go hide under the covers and give up.

Moms often need that extra bit of encouragement. It helps to know other moms have felt like giving up, too (FYI, I think we all have at one time or another.). They need to know it is worth it to keep working on your marriage or training your kids. They want to know that even though it doesn’t seem like your efforts are making a difference, they really are.

Holly Wagner’s new book, Warrior Chicks: Rising Strong When Life Wants to Take You Down may just give you the encouragement you need to take those covers off your head, get out of bed and face the day. I love her concept of the idea of a mom being a warrior. Not in a militant feminist sense, but as in a warrior for God.

She analyzes the idea of the biblical and historical warrior and the traits that make the best warriors. She covers everything from standing your ground, to being prepared to focusing on the goal and more. Each chapter gives examples from the Bible as well as from secular history and current events to illustrate the concept.

Ultimately, this is a book of encouragement. The author is either currently or just recently finished battling breast cancer (It wasn’t totally clear). Cancer is not the focus of the book. In fact, at times she goes so long without mentioning it, I almost had forgotten it was a part of her personal story.

Instead, she focuses on a lot of issues that can make women want to give up fighting. She includes topics like abuse, financial problems, marital issues, illness, job loss, parenting issues and more. In her mind anything and everything that can keep you from doing what God wants you to do – and mind you she doesn’t mean sitting in a church pew, but very active Christianity – she wants to help arm you to conquer and get back to battling for God.

She gives a lot of good advice, but perhaps my favorite is her advice about handing on the baton. She discusses relay races and how in Christian life we should always be accepting batons from women older than us and handing them off to women younger than us. She says the minute there is a woman on earth younger than you, you become the older women in the Bible called to start training the younger ones. I also appreciated how she reinforced we all should be humble enough to learn from those who have already walked down a path and to teach those who are currently on the one we have completed.

There were a couple of things I wish I could change about this book. She quotes scripture, but you have to fumble around in the back to find what scripture she is quoting. Frankly, I’m often too lazy to go to that much trouble. Also she uses the Message version, which alters scriptures so much from the original wording I often had trouble figuring out if she were quoting scripture or some random person. (There was little identifying information with any quote.)

My biggest irritation was how the book was formatted or typeset or whatever you want to call it. There were not proper paragraphs on a page. Sentences were scattered everywhere. Sometimes two or three were together and sometimes each would get a separate line with several blank lines until the next sentence. Tons and tons of white space. Frankly it gave me a headache as I tend to speed read and it is almost impossible when set that way. My brain rebelled and wanted to put down the book even though I really thought it was a great book.

If you are a Christian mom ( or any Christian woman) who is struggling in life, this book can give you the encouragement you need. It can give you new ways of thinking about things. Hopefully, if it’s reprinted at some point, they will format it like most books and it won’t also give you a headache!



This book was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review.

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