Kids, Noah and a Service Project Helping Flood Victims

Helping Teens Recover From Sinning - Parenting Like HannahLooking for a family service project that will also teach your kids about God? The next time you hear about a flood consider a family service project helping people recover from the devastation left by flood waters.

Review the story of Noah, focusing especially on what happened when Noah and his family left the Ark. Ask your kids what Noah and his family needed to do to start their lives over again. Remind them that although God promised He would never flood the entire earth again, He did not promise there would be no local flooding.

Explain what happens in an area after flood waters recede (houses full of mud, water, and debris, etc.) Work as a family to prepare a campaign to collect supplies to help flood victims. Make sure you have contacted an organization who is willing to distribute the flood recovery kits for you if you are unable to do it (Often your local Church of Christ can provide those connections for you or may be delivering items and love to add yours to what they are taking.).

Once you have collected items, consider gathering needed items into separate kits. Placing items in boxes or plastic tubs will make distribution easier. (Check with distributer to see if they have special requirements.) If time allows, also have your kids write and decorate notes of encouragement. Consider placing a Bible with encouraging verses marked in each kit.

Suggested Items for Flood Recovery Kit:

First aid supplies – especially bandages, tweezers and hibiclens
Non-perishable foods and can opener
Plastic or disposable dishes and silverware
Bottled water
Sweat pants, t-shirts, jeans, socks and sneakers in a variety of sizes
Blankets or sleeping bags
Tools- especially hammers, pliers, screw drivers, wrenches, shovels
Buckets, rags and bottles of bleach
Large heavy duty trash bags
Toiletries – toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, razors, shampoo
Paper products – toilet paper, paper towels
Safety equipment – flash lights, crank generator for charging phones, goggles, face masks (construction)

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