Resource For Teaching Kids (And Ourselves) How to Make a Positive Difference

Resource For Teaching Kids (And Ourselves) How To Make A Positive Difference - Parenting Like HannahIf you have payed even the slightest attention to the news for the last year, you know there are a lot of hurting people in the world today. Many are acting out in anger. Others in despair. God calls us to love others by serving them and sharing our faith, but what do we teach our kids about how to do that in practical ways?

If we don’t give our kids specific tools for how to find ways to touch the lives of others in positive ways, they will easily become overwhelmed and quite possibly miss opportunities God gives them. That’s why I love the new book I was offered to review, Listen, Love, Repeat:Other-Centered Living In a Self-Centered World by Karen Ehman.

Ehman does a great job at the beginning of the book by gently helping the reader examine the scriptures and popular perceptions of Christians. Her conclusion is many who call themselves Christians have forgotten all of the “one another” verses in the Bible and regularly treat people in ways that would not please God at all.

She doesn’t stop there though, but helps the reader consider people in a number of different situations and what showing them God’s love looks like in practical ways. I appreciate she doesn’t focus on the typical categories, but talks about how to love those people in our lives like those who are “necessary” (like the mailman), families and especially those who are almost impossible to love (in our minds).

For each, she shares personal stories and scriptures to help the reader develop at least a bit of empathy for others. I love though, that she also shares tips and practical examples of things she and her family have done to show love to the people in that situation. She also has more generic chapters covering topics how to live a life that welcomes others and how to scatter love and kindness wherever you go.

Throughout, I felt the call to stop just loving in theory or on social media, but love real people with our real actions. I especially loved her concept of the “heart drop” when others give you a peek at their heart and how you can best show them love that will touch them in meaningful ways.

Although it is not written specifically for parents, she shares a few ideas she did with her young children. Really all of the principles are simple enough that you can begin teaching them to even young children. Imagine how much more loving your children can be if they merely learn her concept of listening for the heart drops of others?!

I always love practical Christian books that include scripture and real life stories to make the commands and principles understandable in today’s world. This book meets all of my requirements for a Christian book that can actually make a real, positive difference in the lives of not only you and your family, but how you serve others and share your faith. It’s definitely worth the read.





This book was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review. An affiliate link is included for your convenience.

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