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Beautiful New Christian Picture Book - Parenting Like HannahAlthough there are lots of great picture books on the market, it hasn’t been until fairly recently that many were written with a Christian theme. So, I was excited when offered an opportunity to review a brand new Christian picture book. When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner is ultimately about how much God loves each child – just as He created them.

First, I have to admit I am crazy about children’s books with beautiful art work. Honestly, the illustrations by David Catrow are so gorgeous, the book looks like one you would buy in a museum gift shop. The story itself is actually a poem with a few lines on each spread.

The story line is about how God makes each child unique. It tells of how God gives each child special gifts, talents and opportunities. What I loved is that it also alluded to the idea of starting to discover and develop those gifts now through every day play. It talks about character, godly dreams and learning about God. In fact, it’s actually a rather spiritually deep lesson – especially considering it is a picture book.

Perhaps my favorite part of the book is that it mentions God having a dream for each child. When we talk about God’s Plans, it really is His dream for our lives. When we follow God’s plans we are able to live the rich, full life God wants for us. It won’t be a perfect life because we live in a fallen world, but it will be a life that your children will be thankful they lived.

I know picture books can be rather pricey, but this one is actually rather reasonable for a beautiful, hard cover picture book. To me, it is one of those books that will get passed down from generation to generation.



This book was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review. An affiliate link is included for your convenience.



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