Does A Mom Have to Worry?

Does a Mom Have to Worry - Parenting Like HannahIt seems natural for a mom to worry. You feel so responsible for those precious little lives and so many things can go wrong. In fact, if you read too much, you may have swirled yourself into a constant state of worry and anxiety.

That’s not the life God wants for His people though. Why else would there be so many scriptures advising us to not worry? Yet, knowing God doesn’t want us to be anxious and actually pushing those worries aside can be two very different things.

So, I was interested when offered to review the book How To Overcome Worry by Dr. Winfred Neely. Although the book generally gives good advice, I’m always a little annoyed when asked to pay almost ten dollars for a book of less than one hundred pages (the add-ons at the end make the final total 112 pages.) It’s not even a beautiful gift book, which frankly, it should have been. Instead it’s a small paperback with no illustrations.

The book itself covers the basics to which most Christians would turn automatically – reading scripture and praying. The author covers it with tips, examples and stories, but the information is really rather basic – which should make it ideal to give to a non-Christian.

Unfortunately, the author makes it appear as if merely “trusting God” makes you a Christian, when scripture is very clear repentance and baptism are necessary parts of the equation. What a disservice to pronounce only Christians receive God’s help with worry and then proceed to give readers incomplete/incorrect information on how to actually become a Christian.

Frankly, this book was a disappointment. Even the list of scriptures about worry added in the back of the book was shorter than lists I could find on Google. The author is on point with advice to pray and read scripture and of course trust in God. I’m just not sure it’s worth ten dollars.




This book was given to me in exchange for my honest review. An Affiliate link is included for your convenience.

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