What a Lemonade Stand Can Teach Your Kids About God

What a Lemonade Stand Can Teach Your Kids About God - Parenting Like HannahEvery summer, the lemonade stands start popping up in our neighborhood. Youngsters set up their wares on the side of our streets. They enthusiastically wave to cars passing by and talk with those out for walks and runs. Most of them usually hang in there for a couple of hours before something else seems more fun.

Did you realize the humble lemonade stand can teach your child about God and His commands and principles? Adding a few twists to the experience can teach your child more than just how to make lemonade and count change.

Here are a few ideas you might want to try the next time your kids want a lemonade stand.

  • Stewardship. Give your kids a budget. Have them search fliers for the best sources of lemons and sugar or powdered drink mix. Have them calculate how many glasses of lemonade they must sell to cover their expenses and still make a profit. Discuss whether it is better to have a higher price and sell potentially fewer glasses or a lower price and sell perhaps more glasses. You don’t want to make it so hard, it removes the fun. Consider offering a “bonus” if they can turn a profit.
  • Godly Business Ethics. Talk about advertising. Should their poster read “fresh Lemonade” if it’s made from a powder? Should they claim it’s cold if it’s been sitting outside in the heat and they ran out of ice? What should they do if someone gives them too much money? What if a bug lands in the lemonade pitcher? It may seem a bit silly, but you are laying the groundwork for your children with business ethics. A child who sells lemonade that recently had a bug going for a swim, may grow up to be the adult who sells poorly made goods. Talk about God’s principles and commands naturally, not as a lecture and they will begin to take root in your child’s life.
  • Service. Ask your kids how they feel about serving others with their lemonade stand. Perhaps they want to offer free cool drinks to thirsty exercisers. Maybe they want to give all or part of their profits to charity. It’s also not a bad time to begin teaching the concept of giving back part of everything you earn to God. This one is better if it comes from their hearts, but most kids are open to sharing at least some of what they have with others. (If not, you may want to search our website for past posts on the topic!)

Of course, your child’s lemonade stand can also teach lessons about hard work, honesty, perseverance and many more godly principles and commands. So pull out the pitcher and some lemons. That lemonade stand can teach your kid a lot of godly lessons, too.

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