Popsicles and Christian Parenting

Popsicles and Christian Parenting - Parenting Like HannahSummer and popsicles seem to just go together. They probably don’t exactly qualify as a health food, but made with real fruit juice, they feel healthy. Popsicles can also improve your relationship with your kids.

Much of the time, children are suffering from a severe deficit of parental time and focused attention. They have so many things they want to share with you, but feel like anything they say might be treated as an interruption.

So pull out some popsicles on those warm summer afternoons or for dessert after dinner. Set up a comfy spot outdoors, so drips don’t matter. Then just enjoy truly being with your kids in the moment.

Let your kids lead the conversations. If they ask for advice, talk about how you first figure out what God would want you to do. When they tell stories about the “mean” girl or guy, empathize and then share how you are working on God’s commands to love our enemies.

Dream godly dreams with your kids. Share the gifts you think God has given them. Tell them about specific ways you have seen them grow spiritually. Plan ways your family can serve others and share your faith.

Don’t forget it’s okay to be silly with your kids, too. Tell jokes and riddles. Try to touch your nose with your tongue. Make up tongue twisters. Laugh and giggle together.

From time to time, invite neighbors and friends to join you for a popsicle. Hospitality is a key element in spiritually vibrant homes (Barna). What’s easier than pulling out an extra popsicle or two? Since you are eating them outside, you don’t even have to clean your house!

Don’t let another summer go by with dozens of missed opportunities to be really present in the moment with your kids. They will be precious memories you all will cherish one day.

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