Christian Parenting Challenges #4

Snow in Southern CA and NYC. Spring like temps, then cold winds in Atlanta. The weather in January is volatile. Tired of being stuck inside? Need some encouragement or ideas? Here are this week’s social media challenges.

Monday: Did you know coffee beans produce coffee that tastes different based on what is grown around it? Your kids will start to pick up the behaviors, attitudes and even beliefs of the people with whom they spend the most time. Teaching your kids how to choose friends wisely (while still being kind to everyone else) is crucial if you want them to have a strong faith foundation and reach their godly potential.

Tuesday: Spring is coming, but there are and still will be people who are lonely or isolated long after COVID has passed. Winter can be especially challenging with bad weather and short sunlight hours. Take some time with your kids to plan ways to brighten someone’s day and reflect God’s love to them. Our Teach One Reach One Ministries website has lots of ideas, but something as simple as a Zoom call, handmade art or some muffins works great. (Look under Service Projects)

Wednesday: Did you know the Celtic cross is the result of a fear in Christians that asking the people to fully obey God would make them reject Christianity? So they let them keep their favorite pagan practices and mix them with Christianity. We know from the Old Testament (and the New) this is not acceptable to God. Your kids can’t decide to only obey the commands of God they like and expect to be pleasing to Him. Preparing them to obey God completely is the most important thing you can do.

Thursday: It’s highly unlikely this man’s parents knew he would grow up to write a nursery rhyme children would be told for almost a hundred and fifty years. You have no idea of the plans God has for your kids to do good works. You can only prepare them for whatever those things are by helping them build a strong faith foundation and discover and develop their gifts from God. Then encourage them to follow where God leads…you may be amazed in what He has in store for them!

Friday: Our neighbors have found a unique way of encouraging people who walk by their house. How can your family be like Barnabas in the Bible – known for encouraging others? Have a family brainstorming session and think of ways you can be encouraging as a family and as individuals. It’s a great way to reflect God’s love to others.

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