Family, Faith and Fun Challenge Day 14

We hope your family has grown closer to each other and God over the last two weeks. For today’s challenge you will need large, lightly colored stones or you can draw “stones” on paper and use those.

Saturday, January 2, Day 14

Bible Reading: Matthew 28:16-20

Memory Verse: “So you must go and make disciples of all nations. Baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19

Interesting Facts: 

  • Although Christianity soon split from Judaism, at this point the followers of Jesus were using some of the meeting rooms at the Temple to wait for what would come next. 
  • Sources outside of the Bible record that the disciples and other early Christians traveled and taught about Jesus at least as far as England, France (Gaul), Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya, India, Iran (Persia), Armenia, and many more countries. 

Thoughts to Share: After Jesus rose from the dead, he spent a few more weeks on Earth before he went back to Heaven. He probably spent a lot of that time preparing the Apostles and others for their mission after he went back to Heaven. What was this mission? It is the same mission God has for Christians today, to tell as many people as we possibly can the story of Jesus and how they can have their sins forgiven and spend forever in Heaven with God.

Did you know that the stories we have studied these last two weeks are some of the stories you can tell other people to help them learn about Jesus? You can practice telling these stories to each other. Then when you want to tell the stories about Jesus to someone else, it will be easier.

Family Fun Instructions: Find or make some large white stones. Use the markers to draw a symbol on each stone to help each of you remember an important part of the story of Jesus to tell to others. Think of simple symbols that remind your family of important Bible stories. Once you have made the stones, take turns telling the story of Jesus to each other.

Parenting Tips: Here are instructions for helping your kids learn how to share their faith. Helping them practice telling the stories will help them remember it and make it easier for them to tell the stories to other people. For teens, you may want to discuss several of the sheets on this page. We also have a free baptism study if one or more of your children is ready for that conversation.

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