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Kids, Coupons, Service Projects and God

Fun With Kids and Work - Parenting Like HannahWant your kids to learn some godly money and stewardship skills? Looking for a family service project? Wish you could have fun teaching your kids about the Bible? There are several great service projects you can do with your kids or teens that will cover all of those goals.

Begin by teaching your children one of the Bible stories involving someone with “money” helping others. This could be Abraham entertaining angels unaware or the early Christians selling what they had and using the proceeds to help those in need. Ask your children to help you think of someone your family can help. (You can check our parent website Teach One Reach One for service project ideas.)

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Apples, Kids and God

Teaching Abstract Biblical Concepts - Parenting Like Hannah
Photo by Allesio Maffeis

One of my favorite things about fall is the apple. We live about an hour or so away from an area full of apple orchards. It’s a nice little break from the city to drive up and pick fresh apples on a crisp autumn morning. After bringing them home, our kitchen smells great while the apple butter simmers on the stove all day. Whether or not you have apple orchards near you, you can use apples with your kids to point them towards God.

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Fun Ways School Supplies Can Teach Your Kids About God

Fun Ways School Supplies Can Teach Your Kids About God - Parenting Like HannahSchools don’t start here for another month or so, but school supply areas are already filled in box retailers. school supplies now cost pennies on the dollar compared to what they cost the rest of the year. You can buy a lot of supplies for not much money at all if you watch the special sales that they often add to the already lower prices. Then bring the supplies home and have some fun in these last hot days of summer using them to teach your kids about God.

So what are some fun things you and your kids can do with school supplies and learn more about God and what He wants from us and for us in the process? Here are some of my favorites:

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Kids, Greed and God

Kids, Greed and God - Parenting Like HannahIt’s funny. Every year around Christmas, articles start appearing about ways to keep your child from becoming overly greedy. Personally, I have even posted some fun ideas and service projects to do with your children around the holidays. I think many of these articles are probably penned after a parent stands in the line for Santa with their antsy child while some other child reads Santa a list longer than he is tall.

What I haven’t shared with you is the dirty little secret about greed. I guess I was afraid if you found out, you would give up trying. I’m a little older and braver this year, so here it goes. You can’t banish greed from your child’s life merely be giving less presents at Christmas and birthdays and doing a service project or two during the holidays.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Convincing your child he doesn’t have a right to every toy ever made on each birthday and Christmas is probably a very good thing. Having your children serve others at Christmas is definitely a wonderful thing. But those two things alone won’t banish greed from your child’s life. (Sadly, if the present reduction thing isn’t done carefully, it can backfire and make your child even more greedy.)

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