Thereasa WinnettWelcome! My name is Thereasa Winnett and I am the founder of Teach One Reach One Ministries and have been the author of Parenting Like Hannah since 2009.

I tutored my first child when I was six years old and quickly learned God had gifted me to teach others. My youth and teen years were spent teaching children’s Bible classes, baby sitting, tutoring and working as a teacher’s aide in summer Head Start and Title One programs.

I received a BA in education from the College of William and Mary. I credit the teacher-training program there for encouraging me to incorporate meaningful creativity in my teaching. My student teaching supervising teacher will always hold a special place in my heart for showing me how to combine fun and learning in unforgettable ways.

Over the years, I have taught Bible classes for every age from birth to adults. I even spent a short stint in children’s ministry. Eventually, I married my husband Greg and we were blessed with a daughter. She has been experimented on for years and has grown into a wonderful Christian young woman.

When my daughter was small, I realized moms spend many lonely moments awake in the middle of the night, either caring for their children or just unable to sleep. These times can raise worries and fears in even the most confident parent. I also realized not many people appreciate a phone call at two o’clock in the morning asking their advice on parenting issues.

Parenting Like Hannah grew out of a desire to serve these moms whose passion is raising their children to be active servants of God. I still picture these moms awake at 2 a.m. nursing, caring for a sick child or just unable to go back to sleep as I write my posts. In my mind, I know they want the very best for their children, which to me will always be raising them to be active, productive servants of God. I pray when they go online, Parenting Like Hannah provides them the support they need.

Over the years, I also realized many volunteers, ministers, parents and teachers are struggling to find meaningful, interactive lessons incorporating Bible and the various subjects they may teach in their programs for children and teens. Teach One Reach One Ministries is the outgrowth of this concern. Parenting Like Hannah is now a part of the larger Teach One Reach One Ministries family, so I encourage you to visit our main website and discover many more free resources to help you reach the children and teens you love for God.

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