2021 Christian Parenting Challenges Week #1

We know you are busy and social media prevents you from seeing many of our challenges. This year, we will send a weekly summary of the challenges for you to print and use at your convenience.

Monday: Why use a raised bed versus planting the “regular” way? Great question! When your kids see the way you do things, they may not question you about why you do them. They will either copy you or reject your choice for themselves. Not a huge deal when planting a garden, but extremely important when talking about whether or not to obey God. Taking time to explain to your kids that what you are doing or not doing is to obey God and why it’s important is so very crucial. Otherwise, they won’t understand the importance of the choice they are making when they are deciding whether or not to copy you.

Tuesday: Fences can be viewed two ways…They keep you from something you want to do OR They keep you safe from predators and other potential dangers. You can focus on what you can’t do and make yourself miserable or you can focus on the complete freedom, without worry of danger, you have inside the fence and be happy and content. Your kids will view God’s commands the same way. Your job is to help them understand and focus on the protection and freedom and not on wondering about the sins they aren’t allowed to commit without making God unhappy. It’s all about the heart and attitude.

Wednesday: Your kids will probably become overwhelmed if they attempt a reading the Bible through in a year plan. The plans usually require reading multiple chapters a day and quickly involve books that can bog down young independent Bible readers. Instead, encourage them to read story heavy books, like Genesis, Esther or the Gospels. Or practical books like Proverbs or James. It’s the habit you want to encourage, so focus on a chapter a day or even a verse for struggling readers. Then encourage reflecting on what they have read for the rest of that day. For more tips, we have a free resource that prints as bookmarks (Available in English, Spanish and Russian)

Thursday: Most people saw a dead tree, but one man saw a work of art and created this. Can you see potential in your kids? God can! He gave each of your kids at least one gift to use to serve Him. That’s potential. Helping your kids make that potential into a life that obeys, worships and serves God is your privilege and your responsibility as a Christian parent. It’s also one of your greatest rewards to see your kids reach their God given potential.

Friday: What world views are your kids being taught in school? They will often claim none, but every textbook, every teacher has a bias. Not knowing what it is means you can’t discuss them with your kids and counter any that are ungodly.

14 Day Family, Faith and Fun Challenge

Teach One Reach One Ministries recently created a fourteen day Family, Faith and Fun challenge for some local families. Each day has a devotional, a fun family activity and some parenting tips. We want to encourage your family to join us on this journey.

Although the days correspond to specific days on the calendar, you don’t necessarily have to use them on those particular days. We do, however encourage you to do them in order as the entire study completed chronologically will give your family a reminder of the over arching story of the Bible.

While the original challenge had lots of add-ons, we will try to provide links to some of the things we used or add them to the bottom of the posting for that day. We believe completing the challenges will help your family refocus after this very different year and start the new year off with healthy new spiritual habits. All of the challenges are free, so please share them with other families. May God bless you and your family!

P.S. If you go to our website www.parentinglikehannah.com and sign up for our newsletter, each of the daily challenges will be delivered to the email address you provide. (We do not sell or share your information with anyone.)

New Christian Parenting Resources (They’re Free!)

Were you aware that Parenting Like Hannah is part of the larger Teach One Reach One Ministries? If not, you’ve been missing out on a lot of free resources to help you on your Christian parenting journey.

Some of our most popular parenting resources are our printable parenting sheets. On one printable page there are parenting tips for a particular topic as well as a list of scriptures that apply. We have had several online for awhile, but just added four new printable parenting resources to the website!

The four new free parenting sheets are:

If you haven’t seen our other printable parenting sheets, you may want to visit the main listing where you can find tip sheets on topics like conflict resolution, reading the Bible and many more. We also have several of our parenting sheets that have been translated into Spanish and Russian. If you need a parenting tip sheet that’s not on the list, contact us. We are always looking for great ideas for new free resources to help Christian parents everywhere.

Weekly Christian Parenting Challenges #26

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was smaller than normal, but thanks to negative COVID tests, we were able to enjoy it without worrying about becoming ill. Of course, this means Christmas will be here soon. Here are the social media challenges for the week in case you missed them.

Monday: When King Henry VIII created the Anglican Church, he removed the roofs of all the other churches in the UK. Most were never repaired and the churches are now ruins dotting the land. Your kids will face persecution if they believe and obey God. They may not be martyred, but they will be teased, mocked and excluded. People, even some “Christians” will try to convince them obeying God is somehow stupid. You have to raise kids who know what they believe, why they believe it and are willing to go to prison or die if those are the earthly consequences for obeying God. That unshakable faith foundation doesn’t happen by accident. It will take a lot of time and effort on your part, but it is so comforting as you grow older to see your adult children still standing strong in their faith…knowing you will see them again in Heaven.

Tuesday: Did you know manners are more than stuffy old customs of rich people? They are how we can reflect God’s love to others. Why? Because at their core, manners are about kindness, consideration and respect or…putting others before ourselves. Working with your kids on their manners is one way of teaching them how to be loving and kind. It’s worth all of the time and effort it takes.

Wednesday: The books in this room represent the information your kids will absorb from multiple sources. It will impact their thinking, their worldview, their beliefs, their words, their actions and their faith. Do you have any idea what sources your kids are consuming for information? What are the authors’ biases (because we all have them)? Do they have an agenda? Is it godly or anti-godly? Become informed and involved. Otherwise your kids will slowly slide away from God and towards secularism, humanism or even atheism.

Thursday: Stop several times today and just look around you for a moment. Soak in the blessings God has given you. Thank Him for your precious little ones – even if they are all grown up with little ones of their own. Gratitude and joy are connected. Bring joy into your family by keeping them firmly grounded in gratitude.

Friday: The Christmas season officially begins today. It’s easy for children of all ages to become greedy when constantly bombarded by ads for all of the things they could ever want or imagine. Helping your kids focus on giving rather than getting can keep greed to a minimum. Have them focus on finding the gift that will truly mean something to the person who receives it. Or encourage them to put love into a homemade gift. Stay away from toy aisles, catalogs and stores and search our blog for past posts on the topic for even more practical tips.

Weekly Christian Parenting Challenges #25

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?! I imagine your favorite blessing may just be your kids. Do they know it though? Don’t forget, your kids need lots of hugs, “I love you’s” and quality time with you – even if you are all home together all day. Here are some more tips and encouragement from this week’s social media challenges.

Monday: These flowers may look as if they accidentally sprung up, but they were carefully planted and tended by someone. There are parents who believe in free range parenting….virtually no guidance, oversight, coaching, direct teaching, etc. The belief is that kids will grow to be their best selves with little if any adult intervention. The truth is God expects parents to teach and coach their kids, to protect them from evil, to give them guided practice in living the lives God wants them to live. God also expects parents to correct their children when they are disobedient. Failing to do so, means your kids may turn out to be like the children of Eli, Samuel and the vast majority it appears of the sons of King David. You don’t have to control and micro manage your kids, but God does expect you to teach, guide and train them.

Tuesday: Need ideas for things to do with your kids that can also help them learn more about God? Check out the Bible lessons and activity ideas on our Teach One Reach One website. Originally designed for classes, many can also be done with your family and the ideas and lessons are all free! www.teachonereachone.org/activity-ideas

Wednesday: You would never purposefully say anything that would emotionally scar your kids for life, but are you doing it accidentally? A lot of parents say negative things about their kids to other adults when their children are nearby. Most of the time it is merely venting and an attempt to laugh about the struggles of parenting with friends. That’s not what it sounds like to your kids though, when they inevitably overhear you. What you meant as hyperbole, they hear as truth. What you said in frustration, they use to define themselves. Your words can cut your kids more than the words of others, because in their minds you are supposed to know them better than anyone and love them no matter what. And don’t forget, your young kids may eventually get on social media and scroll down through your old posts. Your kids know they aren’t perfect, but let them overhear you telling others encouraging things about them.

Thursday: What is the opposite of a child who is grateful? One who whines, complains, exhibits selfish and entitled behaviors and more. Want kids with great Christian character traits and hearts full of love? Work towards helping them have an attitude of gratitude and a grateful heart.

Friday: A lot of artists do self portraits. A fun way to find out how your kids view themselves is to give them some fun art supplies and have them draw a self portrait. If they think they can’t draw, show them abstract “portraits” and encourage them to try that style. Then have them write or draw what they are like “on the inside”…likes, dislikes, emotions, thoughts, etc. When they are finished, have them tell you about their portraits. Why does self image matter? Because it reveals part of your child’s heart and whether it is moving towards God or away from Him.