Fun Craft For Scripture Memory

Fun Craft for Scripture Memory - Parenting Like HannahParents love children to come home from school and church with crafts. It gives them a tangible idea of what was discussed. The problem is that most crafts are on paper and end up in the trash. Whenever possible, it is great to send children home with a craft that not only reminds them of the lesson, but will stay around their home for months to come.

Yesterday, the children learned about some of the tools God gives them to help them live a Christian life. We discussed in particular the Fruit of the Spirit and the Armor of God. After the lesson, the children colored and stuffed pillows they could put in their bedrooms. One child was getting ready to go on a trip and was planning on taking his as his airplane pillow!

Both boys and girls enjoyed the craft and were subtly reviewing the concepts as they colored around the words we had just studied. I reminded them that the beauty of having these pillows in their room is that they would remind them how to act and what to do if they had a problem.

This is also a project you can do with your kids at home. Cut two square pieces of white fabric and trace your pattern onto the material with a fabric marker. (The dollar type stores now carry a much less expensive version.) Sew them right sides together, except for about three inches.

Turn the cases right side out and let the children color them with fabric markers. (We encouraged them to avoid coloring the words.) The children stuffed them with fiber fill or the insides of pillows that were being thrown away. Finally you can whip stitch or machine stitch the small hole closed.

Don’t let our ideas for designs restrict you (the Armor of God is on the other side of our pillows)! Maybe your children want to write a verse or remember Psalm 23. They may want to create their own designs reminding them of a favorite Bible story. Have fun with it. I would love to see the finished products. Email a picture of your pillows to me at I’ll try to share some of the best ones with everyone.

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