Creating a Bible Corner for Your Family

Creating a Bible Corner for Your Family- Parenting Like Hannah

My ladies small group Bible study saw an idea in one of the books we studied years ago. (I apologize to the author, but we can’t remember where we saw it!) The author suggested creating a special Bible study area in your home (for adults). I think she called it something catchy, but it works no matter what it is called.

This summer, we encouraged the children in my Sunday school class to make a Bible corner in their own houses. We studied the story of Creation and how God resting on the seventh day led to the Sabbath. While Christians worship on the first day of the week, we discussed how it is great for us to copy a few of the habits of the original Sabbath celebration.

You see, Sabbath was a time for people to take some real rest – not veg in front of a television or run around a baseball field. They sat or took short walks and read God’s words. They talked about God’s commands and plans with each other. They prayed to God. They quietly reflected on what God’s Words meant for their lives.

We encouraged the students to take a little time each day for a bit of “Sabbath” rest. Go to the Bible corner in their house and read the Bible, talk about it with their family, pray and even have a little snack while they do it. So what does a Bible corner look like?

In most homes, there is usually a room that is seldom used. It may be a living room or a guest bedroom. Find a comfy chair or a corner of sofa. You may want to add a puffy pillow or a throw if it is cold outside. Have an open Bible that stays right there all of the time. If your children are younger, consider placing a children’s Bible like the NIrV there also. Older children and teens might want a prayer journal and pen or a Bible journal in the corner.

We had our kids design a special snack plate to add a little pizzazz to the corner. We took ceramic plates from the dollar store and had the kids use acrylic paints and paint pens to create a design that reminded them of God, creation and the idea of Sabbath. We placed part of Psalm 119:103 at the top of the plate to remind them God’s words should be as exciting and “sweet” to them as honey would be. Here are a few of their creations in process…

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Be aware your child’s plate will not be dishwasher safe. I tested some of the methods you see online and they probably only work with more expensive materials. I suggest placing another plate on top of this one for actual snacks. If you must wash it, I would be very gentle.

So grab your kids, a couple of Bibles and some other fun things and create a Bible corner in your house. If nothing else, every time you walk by it, you and your family should be reminded of where your focus should be. Who knows, you might improve everyone’s Bible reading habits, too!

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