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Praying For Your Son - Parenting Like HannahNormally, I am not a huge fan of scripted prayers. I know the Holy Spirit provides the words I may not have and I tend to trust the process of prayer. Sometimes though, I believe parents want to feel more organized in their prayers. Even though they may firmly believe the Holy Spirit is providing words, on some level they want to be able to think clearly about what concerns them.

Rob & Joanna Tiegen have already published a book of prayers for daughters. Their latest A Mom’s Prayers for Her Son: Praying for Every Part of His Life is a parent’s companion for understanding how to best pray for her son. The book contains seventy-seven prayers covering a wide range of subjects.

Within each prayer, the authors give several verses of scripture they believe address the topic. The prayer is written as much as a way to direct a parent’s thinking as it is to help the parent pray. While not “preachy”, the prayers do make a point of teaching parents how the authors believe God would want them to address certain topics.

Perhaps the most encouraging parts of the book are the personal stories of various mothers and sons. Many are written by mothers whose sons struggled very badly in one or more areas. The accounts are honest about the struggles and the prayers. I especially appreciated the fact that the authors of each of the accounts made it clear God does not always supply an immediate “yes” to our prayers. They often shared that sometimes it may take years for us to see the “yes” God provided.

I don’t have a son, but if I did, I think I would find this book helpful and encouraging. If nothing else, it helps you understand your son is not the only one struggling with some of these issues. Whether you read this book or not, I hope you are encouraged to pray often and specifically for your son. It can make an enormous difference in his life.



A copy of this book was provided to me for free in exchange for my honest review. I do not have a son, but plan to share this book with a friend who does.


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  1. Thanks for your supportive review, Thereasa! The “mom stories” in the book encouraged Rob and I, too. Seeing God’s involvement in real families and situations is a wonderful reminder that our prayers aren’t just wishful thinking, but the avenue God uses to bring hope and help in tough situations. Blessings on you, your family, and your ministry for Jesus.

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