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Christian Fathering Movie Resource - Parenting Like HannahIn the past, I really haven’t dealt with reviewing movies other than referring parents to the website Plugged In for in-depth movie reviews written from a Christian perspective. Recently though, a company that sells Christian DVDs contacted me wanting to know if I would be interested in reviewing some Christian movies for them. Since one of the first movies they offered had to do with Christian fathers, I thought I would give it a try.

The Courageous DVD arrived quickly and appeared to be the same quality of the DVDs you would purchase at a local Christian retailer. The movie itself was somewhat of a mixed bag in my opinion. Courageous has the same problem many Christian movies have had…it’s production quality resembles a television show from the ’70’s or ’80’s. As that is not my field, I can’t explain why, but the movie seemed a little dark and not the incredibly high resolution you see in more expensive productions.

The storyline and acting were acceptable. The basic lessons the movie tried to teach were actually pretty excellent. I loved the idea of fathers realizing the tremendous impact they have on the lives of their children and making an effort to step up and really parent the way God has called them to parent.

Personally, while I understand why they did it, I felt some of the violence and the death of one character weren’t necessary to make their point. Yes, it made you emotional, but it felt a bit manipulative. The story lines were strong enough that I think they could have made their points without forcing a guilt emotion.

My bottom line? If you want to think about what it really means to be a godly, Christian father, this movie has a lot of great lessons in it. If you are merely looking for a high quality, slick Hollywood production, you will be somewhat disappointed. Personally, for many I think the story and the lessons make it time well spent.


This movie was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review. A link to the seller’s website is included for your convenience. The seller has offered a $5 coupon to any reader who joins their email list. I have not yet ordered from them as a “regular” customer, but couldn’t find anything negative when I researched them. Please use your own best judgment and do your own research as this is not an endorsement of any one business – just information about possible resources.

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