Christian Parenting Challenges Week 4

How has your week been? Have you struggled with your Christian parenting? Here are some challenges that we posted on social media this week, that can help you on your journey.

Monday: What will your kids remember from growing up in your home? It may not be what you think. The big expensive vacation may boil down to a conversation at a cafe or a day in the mountains to playing I Spy in the car on the way there. They will remember the way you lived your life as a Christian, how you treated them and others, your values and whether or not you lived them, the things you consistently said about God and others. Give them daily memories that will always point them to God. Those are the memories that really matter.

Tuesday: This man is very important in this city’s history. Yet even though someone told me his name and his story, I really couldn’t tell you much about him. Why? Because I haven’t spent a lot of time reading and learning about him. To me, he’s just a name. Jesus can be like that to your kids, too. They need to spend a lot of time learning about Jesus, what he said and did and what his father, God said and did. Otherwise it won’t transform their lives. Jesus will just be a name and a vague story or quote.

Wednesday: Sin is like poison and you should warn your kids and protect them from sin just like you would poison. They need to be taught what sinful thoughts, attitudes and behaviors are. They need to know the difference between a sin and a mistake – like missing an answer on a test. They need to be taught to guard their hearts against the temptation to rebel against God. Yes, grace is amazing, but it’s practically meaningless to your kids unless they understand sin.

Thursday: Food can be a great way to develop empathy in your kids. Part of empathy is understanding we have things in common with people who seem very different from us in some way. These foods are enjoyed by people in different parts of the U.S., but I enjoy them all and can create an instant point of connection with someone else who enjoys them. Breads are a great empathy builder. Bake or buy breads originally from other places. As you enjoy them, point out that in spite of the differences, they are all breads. Find other things your family has in common with people in those areas. Teaching empathy is the first step in loving others as we love ourselves…so have some fun working on empathy with your kids.

Friday: Smells are a strong memory trigger. Specific objects can have a similar effect on memory. It’s one of the reasons God gave the rainbow as a sign or memory trigger of His promise to Noah. Want your kids to remember important things from the Bible? Attach them to smells or specific objects and repeat the connection to your kids repeatedly over the years. Then when they encounter that smell or object, the memory of that concept or scripture will come flooding back.

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