Christian Parenting Challenges #3

Believe it or not, the spring trees are starting to bud here. How were things in your home this week? Need some encouragement or fresh ideas? Here are this week’s social media challenges to help.

Monday: Do you have goals for your kids? Your number one goal shouldn’t be for them to be happy or to go to college. It should be that they spend eternity in Heaven. If you put as much time and effort into preparing them to live a Christian life as you do on their baseball swing or grades, chances are great your kids will grow up to be strong, active Christians.

Tuesday: Did you know your kids can wear clothes like this and still be immodest? Modesty (and immodesty) is as much about an attitude as it is clothing. Both boys and girls should be taught how to avoid sending sexual messages to those around them. (Yes, the other person has responsibilities, too.)

Wednesday: One day your kids will start dating. They need to understand anyone they date is a potential future spouse. Dating people they know they would never want to marry can cause all sorts of problems. Start talking about dating and marriage long before they are old enough to actually date. The more prepared they are, the better those dating years will go.

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Friday: What do you see? An oil slick on a road or colorful art? Perspective makes a difference – even about God, the Bible and Christianity. For example, are you making your kids think God’s commands are somehow keeping them from having fun or God’s way of showing His love and attempting to protect them from the earthly consequences disobedience can bring? How you frame things for your kids will impact their faith, so prayerfully consider your perspective before passing it on to your kids.

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