Free Homeschooling Activities for Christian Parents

Have you decided to homeschool this year? Or has your local school system decided you will be doing some sort of online learning with your kids? Maybe you are a veteran homeschool family just looking for new activity ideas. Regardless of your need, we have hundreds of free ideas to help!

Our Teach One Reach One website has over two hundred Bible lessons for children. Under each Bible lesson, you will find a wide variety of activity ideas. Originally designed for faith based tutoring ministries, our academic activities will help you tie learning about Bible stories to getting needed practice on various academic skills.

Best of all, the activities are engaging, hands-on, meaningful and memorable. Many require items you probably already have around your house or can order easily online. While written for groups of children, most of the activities are easily adaptable to family groups.

We have free activity ideas for ESL (which can provide supplemental language arts activities or can be used with any second language your child is learning), basic and advanced elementary language arts, basic and advanced elementary math, science, health and even sustenance and survival.

If you want to have an actual Bible class as part of your homeschool curriculum, we also have free ideas for Bible activities, application activities and even service projects.

Feel free to share this resource with other parents. We are continually adding new activity ideas and hope to have them further organized by subtopic soon. We pray you have a great school year and let us know if we can help in any way!