The “Sandwich” Parent

The "Sandwich" Parent - Parenting Like HannahFor a time in our lives, we were raising and homeschooling our young daughter while also helping my father-in-law who was suffering from dementia. It was a difficult time in our lives, with lots of stress and quite a few tears. My husband especially became interested in avoiding that same dementia in his older years.

And we are not alone. As many are marrying and having children later in life, they are caring both for their own children and their parents. Such a high percentage of older people seem to have some sort of dementia, that it will touch most of our families at some point.

So I was interested when offered the chance to review The Aging Brain by Timothy Jennings, M.D. Jennings gives a little background on aging – particularly in the brain. The majority of the book, however, breaks down the many factors that contribute to an aging brain and possibly dementia. He provides lots of suggestions for how to slow aging in our brains in each factor.

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7 Top Tips for Raising Envy Free Kids

7 Top Tips for Raising Envy Free Kids - Parenting Like HannahHave you ever attended a child’s birthday party and watched the birthday child open presents in front of everyone? If you have, you probably noticed that what was supposed to be a nice gesture celebrating a birthday, quickly turns into a comparison contest. The guest of honor and all of his or her friends begin exclaiming over expensive gifts while basically ignoring presents that don’t compare favorably. You can almost see envy creep into the hearts of many of the children as they begin thinking about the various gifts they want or wish they had given.

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Using Nature to Help Your Kids See God

Using Nature to Help Your Kids See God - Parenting Like HannahChildren who are introduced to God later in childhood often say they have a tough time believing in God. They weren’t taught from an early age to see God working in their world and can’t articulate what it would take for them to believe God is real.

All children are concrete thinkers for quite a few years of their early development. It can be difficult even for children raised in Christin homes to understand concepts like God, whom they can’t physically see. God is an abstract idea for them and difficult for their brains to process. It’s an important part of their faith development to teach them how to see God without actually seeing Him.

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Becoming Gertrude

Becoming Gertrude - Parenting Like HannahYou probably had lots of friends at one time. Or maybe you had one or two really close friends. Then in the flurry of dating, marriage, pregnancy and kids, you just didn’t have the time to put into those friendships like you used to do. Suddenly, you look up and your definition of a close friend is another parent you exchange pleasantries with at school events.

Yet to grow as people and as Christians, we really need a different kind of friend. One who will care about us, accept us, serve us when we need it, open her home to us and encourage us. In Becoming Gertrude, author Janice Peterson tells us not just how to find our “Gertrude”, but to be that sort of friend for others.

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Fun Ways to Help Kids Become Great Listeners

Fun Ways to Help Kids Become Great Listeners - Parenting Like HannahHave you ever tried to tell someone something very important to you, only to realize they haven’t really paid attention to anything you have said? It’s incredibly frustrating, and causes many of us to avoid sharing with that person again in the future.

Or have you asked your kids to do something and realized they said, “Sure!” without even hearing what you actually asked? When it happens multiple times a day, it can make even the calmest parent want to scream.

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