The Most Important Thing to Give Your Child This Summer

The Most Important Thing to Give Your Kids This Summer - Parenting Like HannahSummer break starts in just a few weeks. Most parents of children under the age of eighteen are currently in enrollment mode. The mantra seems to be, “The more things your children have on their schedule, the better.”

The average child will attend camps, lessons and classes. A privileged few will also spend hours at a community or neighborhood pool playing with friends. And let’s not forget a long list of summer school assignments that are due the first day of the coming school year.

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Fun Family Easter Activity

Fun Family Easter Activity - Parenting Like HannahEvery year about this time, I like to share one of our Easter family traditions with other parents. Even though we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus every week, it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of an occasion like Easter to reinforce important Bible lessons. (Likewise, you can do this activity with your kids any time – not just on Easter.)

Resurrection Cookies are a great way to review the story of Jesus’ death with your children. I got the recipe from one of my neighbors years ago and suspect it is one of those that has been passed around all over the country. I would love to credit the creator, but have no idea who that would be.

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Helping Daughters Find Beautiful

Helping Daughters Find Beautiful - Parenting Like HannahThink back “centuries” ago when you were the age of your daughter. Did you feel beautiful? My guess is that you were like the rest of us – harboring some secret or not so secret dislike of one or more body parts or even your overall look. How did those doubts and self-criticism make you feel? Did you make some not so great choices to try and convince yourself you could look like your ideal of beauty?

Beauty or our perceived lack thereof is a tool Satan can use against us and our daughters (frankly our sons, too). So, I was interested to read a new book called Finding Beautiful by Rebecca Friedlander.

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Fun Mysteries to Help Kids Navigate the Bible

Fun Mysteries to Help Kids Navigate the Bible - Parenting Like HannahOne of the great things about technology is that we have access to primary source documents and archaeological finds related to the Bible at our fingertips. Unfortunately, we also have an internet full of false teachings claiming to be true and biblical.

It’s hard enough at times to navigate all of this information in wise ways as adults. Our children may struggle even more because of their lack of life experience and Bible knowledge.

There’s a fun way to start teaching your kids how to find helpful information when they want to learn more about what God wants them to do. The ultimate goal is to make sure your kids learn to check everything they are taught by what is written in the Bible.

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Joseph and God’s Plans For Your Kids

Joseph and God's Plans For Your Kids - Parenting Like HannahWhen you think of the story of Joseph, what comes to mind? His dreams? His brothers selling him into slavery? His years in Egypt as a slave and then a prisoner? His rise to one of the most powerful positions in Egypt?

We tend to feel sorry for Joseph as his not so nice brothers sell him into slavery. Joseph then has a journey of many years as first a slave and then a prisoner, before his happy ending. What we never talk about though is how God actually used those “bad” years to prepare Joseph for his important positions in Egypt.

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