Fun Communication and Leadership Activity for Kids

Fun Communication and Leadership Activity for Kids - Parenting Like HannahHave you ever had a nasty boss? Or a mean neighbor? If so, then you know what it is like to try and communicate with or be led by someone who has poor, if not ungodly, communication skills.

As Christians, we should all think of ourselves as leaders. Not in an egotistical – I get to be the boss of you – sort of way. Rather, we should be leaders to help others find God, learn what He wants them to do or help other Christians be more like Him. Often though, when Christians try to lead in these areas, their poor communication skills can do more harm than good.

So why not teach your kids healthy, godly communication skills before they can develop bad habits that hurt others? There’s a fun activity you can do to help them begin thinking about the best ways to lead with our words.

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Fun Activity to Teach Your Kids About “Spiritual” Tricks

Fun Activity to Teach Your Kids About "Spiritual" Tricks - Parenting Like HannahEvery generation has its version of “spiritualists”. Some claim to read palms or tea leaves. Others report talking to dead people or getting “wisdom” from the spirit world. Some claim to practice magic – or “white” magic if they don’t want to appear sinister. God clearly forbade his people in the Old Testament to deal with those who claimed to interact with this “spiritual” realm.

Yet many of today’s young people are curious and intrigued by these people who claim to have access to information others don’t. Thankfully, magicians like Houdini and Penn are infuriated by these tricksters who take people’s money with false promises. They have spent a lot of time observing how they work and revealing the tricks they use to deceive people into thinking they have some sort of special powers.

You can have fun with your kids teaching them about these tricks while also teaching them the story of the Witch of Endor. It takes some time, but older kids and teens will probably enjoy figuring out how the people on those medium shows are doing what they do.

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Questions to Help Your Kids Grow Spiritually

Questions to Help Your Kids Grow Spiritually - Parenting Like HannahOne of the topics rarely discussed in Christian parenting is how to help your kids move from merely copying your faith to making it their own personal faith. A way to do that is to encourage them to move from just learning the facts in the Bible to deeper thinking about who God is and what He wants from them and for them.

Some children will make those transitions without much help from their parents. Kids that are naturally introspective tend to begin making that shift while still in their teens. Often a situation like college – especially a college with many unbelieving students – can force young people to think more deeply about what they have been taught. Others, never truly make that shift and seem to struggle with their Christian life or abandon it entirely.

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Fun Family Easter Activity

Fun Family Easter Activity - Parenting Like HannahEvery year about this time, I like to share one of our Easter family traditions with other parents. Even though we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus every week, it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of an occasion like Easter to reinforce important Bible lessons. (Likewise, you can do this activity with your kids any time – not just on Easter.)

Resurrection Cookies are a great way to review the story of Jesus’ death with your children. I got the recipe from one of my neighbors years ago and suspect it is one of those that has been passed around all over the country. I would love to credit the creator, but have no idea who that would be.

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Fun Mysteries to Help Kids Navigate the Bible

Fun Mysteries to Help Kids Navigate the Bible - Parenting Like HannahOne of the great things about technology is that we have access to primary source documents and archaeological finds related to the Bible at our fingertips. Unfortunately, we also have an internet full of false teachings claiming to be true and biblical.

It’s hard enough at times to navigate all of this information in wise ways as adults. Our children may struggle even more because of their lack of life experience and Bible knowledge.

There’s a fun way to start teaching your kids how to find helpful information when they want to learn more about what God wants them to do. The ultimate goal is to make sure your kids learn to check everything they are taught by what is written in the Bible.

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